Joliet Town Council Business

The Joliet Town Council met in October.

Mayor Gray will be meeting with Tim Burton with Montana League of Cities and Towns on Friday to discuss a letter that Gray sent to all of the Mayors referencing Infrastructure.

Council member Emily Ringer announced that Shyla Sorrells rented a porta potty for the Park so the preschoolers would have a place to use the rest room since the bathroom is shut down for the winter.
She also received a request for the No Dogs Allowed Request for signs to be lower so people can see them. Public Works Director Charles Buechler stated that the City has a couple more signs and they have to be 7 feet off the ground.
Marla Moody council member thanked Buechler for spreading gravel on Madison.

In the Sheriff’s Office Reports Sheriff Josh McQuillan gave a report of law enforcement services in the Town of Joliet. There were a total of 92 hours in September and 69 hours so far in October. Sheriff McQuillan stated that if anyone has a dog complain in Town, they need to sign a complaint and be willing to go to court if need be. There is nothing they can do if there is not a formal complaint made.

Fire Chief Melvin Hoferer said the fire department did a drive through the alleys/streets for fire response in town and find some streets need attention: N. Main/ N. Park – tight corner, hanging brush;

Stuart Street - tight corner, hanging brush; Joni Lane/Rei – no exit, overhanging trees; Alley across from Stacy – not passable; Alley by church – no exit, tall grass, overgrown between Carbon and Central; 1st/2nd – tight corner, brush, 1st/Park – debris, cars, overhangs, Park/Main – overhangs; Main/State – brush, tight corner; N Main – no exit, overhang.

Buechler gave a report of water and sewer usage in the Town.
Flushed hydrants in one day. The hydrant by the motel had been bumped with something. Replaced the nozzle and it is ready for service.
Would like to start redoing the plumbing at the State Street Pump House in the next couple of weeks. Should be able to keep it under $5,000.
Sewer is doing well. The east UV lamps have over 18,200 hours on them but they are still working. Have spares if needed.

Charlie, Mayor Gray and Amber will be getting together to work on the Public Works job description.
They are working on the streets to get them ready for winter.

Jeremy Sweeney is hoping to get the roof on the maintenance shop before winter sets in.
Someone is possibly going to buy the 2-story vacant home that has been empty for years. They want to tear it down and rebuild. They were told to contact Town Hall for appropriate zoning forms.

Marla Moody asked Buechler if the town is in compliance with DEQ. He stated that we weren’t but we were getting closer.

Clerk/Treasurer Amber Foechterle reported on a laptop was purchased for the Town for Public Works and Admin uses.
She also said all shut off notices were paid. Discussion with Hope Freeman on whether or not the City can charge another utility deposit after someone has been shut off and they are requesting their water be turned back on. Hope will look at the ordinance.

In New Business:
Flo McMasters was voted onto the Joliet Public Library Board of Trustees

In Public Comment
a) Shyla Sorrells stated that there are three alleys in Joliet that need to be opened up. One by Cottonwood, one by Stacy Court and one by the Catholic Church. Mayor Gray would like Charlie Buechler look at the alley by the church to see what can be done.
b) John Francis put in another complaint about the dust on Carbon by his residence. He is sick and tired of eating dust in the road and he was under the impression that the Town was talking to the Commissioners. Gary Gray pointed out that the commissioner the Town had been talking to is now deceased so he will have to talk to the new commissioner for the Joliet area. Francis offered to go with Mayor Gray to speak to the commissioner. Much discussion about materials that need to be used. Mike Wentz stated that what needs to be done to Carbon is not that hard and maintaining it should only have to happen once or twice a year. Mr. Wentz stated that even the sidewalks in town need to be fixed.



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