Justice & City Court

Thursday, August 1, 2019


Black, Chad, Negligent endangerment, Fine $700;

Murray, Melanie, Operating with alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent BAC, (2nd), Fine $2,000;

Red Star, SunnySky, DUI (2nd), Fine $1,200

Jimenez, Andrew, Reckless driving, 

Fine $100; Fail to give notice of accident by quickest means, Fine $200;

Porterfield, Gregory, Partner, family member assault, (3rd), Filed in District Court;

Yost, Anthony, Driving without a valid license, Fine $200;

Nicholson, Cody, Speeding, Fine $20;

Klinger, Daniel, Breakaway device for trailer, Fine $100;

Lacey, Paul, Fail to follow conditions and requirements of special permit, Fine $100;

Peterson, Janet, Careless driving, 

Fine $50;

Contreras-Bustillos, Luis, Speeding, Fine $20;

Dumolt, Dale, Speeding, Fine $20;

Hasbrouck, Jeffrey, Speeding, Fine $20;

Rutler, Rockell, Speeding, Fine $20;

Younglund-Davis, Majastina, Speeding, Fine $20;

Grissom, Doris, Speeding, Fine $20;

Leo, Becker, Speeding, Fine $20;

Fjelstad, Gerald, Speeding, Fine $120;

Morey, Joseph, Speeding, Fine $20;

Beck, Kristen, Speeding, Fine $20;

Tyson, Stephen, Fishing without a license, Fine $100; Harger, George, Seatbelt violation, Fine $20;

Stone, Cody, Seatbelt violation, Fine $20;

Jenkins, Neil, Speeding, Fine $30;

Pitts, Garrett, Seatbelt violation, Fine $20;

Adams, Dallin, Speeding, Fine $20;

Milam, Baxter, Speeding, Fine $20;

Manderfield, Thomas, Speeding, Fine $20;

Salazar, Monica, Speeding, Fine $70;

Sandefer, Cindy, Expire Registration, Fine $50;

Kelly, Caralee, Animal at large, Fine $50.



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