Local pooch posts top performance

Eleanor Guerrero
CCN Senior Reporter
Thursday, July 15, 2021
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(Left to right) Judge Melissa Lamere-Dragovich with Elaine Osmun, of Red Lodge and her award-winning dog, Ziba.

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Ziba in action!

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Elaine Osmun has three dogs, all trained for competitions.

Elaine Osmun, of Red Lodge, said excitedly on Saturday, July 10, “I think it’s been 5 years since Ziba competed (or trained for) obedience but today she earned her ASCA CD (Australian Shepherd Club of America Companion Dog) title with a 197.5, first place and High in Trial! Definitely her best effort!”

 The event, held this past this weekend at YDS (Yellowstone Dog Sports Facility, in Roberts), was obedience, rally, agility and conformation “That’s the ‘show dogs’”, explained Osmun, the former owner of YDS, and an expert at training dogs in various fields. 

The event was first of its kind at and drew Australian Shepherds from California, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, as well as Montana.

Ziba is 6 years old. Osmun said, “She has trained mostly for agility but also tracking and obedience. Her last obedience competition was in 2016 so not really much training since then. She comes from a breeder in Texas who specializes in versatile Australian Shepherds, so her pedigree includes herding, obedience, conformation and agility champions.” 

She noted, “Ziba is close to earning her agility Championship title. Companion Dog is the second level of obedience skills in AKC and ASCA.. The competition is open to all breeds.” 

Osmun has three dogs, counting Ziba. She said, “One is retired at 13 and another semi-retired at 13!”

Asked about Ziba’s training and other dogs, Osmun shared her approach. “Most of my training happens in the pup’s first year with foundation skills training that creates an eagerness to learn and participate in dog Sports. Ziba’s obedience training for this show started when I sent my entries in a few weeks ago!! But the skills were already there since puppyhood. Obedience competition involves precision on leash and off leash heeling, stays, recalls, etc.”

In fact, she reflected, a champion has that special something. “But they need to participate with a happy and eager attitude. Every minute I spend with my dog throughout their lives is ‘training!’”

YDS was sold by Osmun last August to Lisa Fields from Absarokee. Fields added several large multi-sport dog events to the schedule this year. 

The AKC Belgian Tervuren National Specialty held in May, this ASCA event and the AKC Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Specialty this September are new events this year.

Asked if she is still training Osmun replied, “I have been training and competing since 1993. I’m retired now from training at YDS but anyone interested in basic training or competitive agility training should contact Tammi at Yellowstone Dog Sports!”

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