Loving Our Healthcare Workers

Eleanor Guerrero
CCN Senior Reporter
Thursday, May 14, 2020
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Courtesy photo
Brad Hauge pays tribute to nurses and especially to his mother, Teresa Hauge.

They are the silent front line. As vital as police, fire and disaster workers, nurses are a constant in the fight to keep Carbon County residents alive and healthy. Yet despite decades, if not centuries, of manning this field, their crucial support seems only in the light of the pandemic to be recognized by the public at large. Even though they have been pushed to prepare, prevent and minister, perhaps as never before, these “angels of mercy” have been exemplary for their dedication, their endurance and their caring wisdom in caring for residents through the years.

Recently, Nurse Teresa Hauge, of Billings Beartooth Clinic was praised by her son, Brad, for her hard and important work. He said, “It makes my day to see my favorite healthcare worker, Teresa Hauge, always in good spirits! I can only imagine the crazy things she’s seen in her nearly 40 years of nursing... but nothing quite like now. Those of us fortunate enough to work in Montana healthcare may not see the worst of it... but our work lives now come with more risk and anxiety than we would have ever hoped for. Lucky for the world there are those like my mom whose care and compassion will prevail (and can still be seen through their mask).” He adds, “Thanks for being an inspiration!”

Hauge, without hesitation, sends praise right back on her peers saying, “I am very proud of our health care team. We are so very fortunate to live where we do!”

Next time you see a healthcare worker, it’s fair and worthwhile, now more than ever when not only their own lives but those of their family are often on the line, to say, “Thank you for your service.”