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To the Editor,
I noticed a letter written by Pat Plowman in the Oct. 12 edition contained a “PS” at the end of her letter with a religious quote from George Washington. It said, “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”
Unfortunately for her, George Washington never said that. A similar quote was first mentioned in the 1830s and said to be from Washington, however no one has ever found any document anywhere that shows this to be true. And more suspiciously George’s quote has changed down through the years. In the quote used by Pat, at one time “nation” used to be “world” and before that, it used to be “universe.” And also the words “God and Bible” used to be “God” and before that the word used was “supreme being.”
The Tea Party groups have been really good at concocting fake quotes from our Founding Fathers that allege to show their intensions of forming a country based on Christianity. My brother started questioning these fake quotes a number of years ago during the rise of the right wing faction of the Tea Party. He said it is actually surprising how many of them are out there, and those quotes are actually quite easy to research for accuracy. Copies of documents, speeches, and research papers concerning our Founding Fathers are available at the Library of Congress.

Larry Carpenter


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