Orange Cat needs to come home

Eleanor Guerrero
CCN Senior Reporter
Thursday, November 1, 2018
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Toby is a wanderer around Word, in Red Lodge, but isn’t in need of adoption. His devoted family (and cat friend Rue) is very worried and awaits his return.

What do you do when a beloved pet goes astray? You search and search. Toby, a beautiful orange cat with a white belly, is not only a beloved neighborhood feline but one with international roots saved from a life in an alley in Greece taken all the home to America.

You might inform Beartooth Human Alliance and all your friends on FB. Then what? It is a heart wrenching trial to simply wait and hope.  

After six weeks, Alexis Adams, of Red Lodge, is losing that hope. 

Adams is sharing her story in hopes of reaching that special home where someone might have been kindly loving and caretaking Toby. 

Adams said she is grateful but it’s time for her cat, Toby, to be coming home where he is deeply loved and missed.

Toby is no ordinary cat but has an international pedigree and travel history. 

Adams explained, “My children and I adopted Toby in rural Greece in 2013 when we were living there for the summer. He was a tiny kitten then, living with the rest of his litter behind one of the village restaurants. He and his siblings survived on the scraps of food people would feed them from their tables.”

They had a definitive encounter. “We met him one night while eating at that restaurant, when he crawled onto a friend's foot, beneath the table, and sat there,” said Adams. The friend picked him up and handed him to Adams’ daughter, who is known for her love of cats. 

Toby was tiny then, an orange ball of fur, and obviously very friendly. 

Adams said, “Immediately, my daughter claimed him as her own, naming him Toby.” 

Adams looked at her daughter and had no choice. “I knew, then and there, that we'd need to figure out a way to bring him home to Red Lodge.” There was never any hesitation, any doubt. Toby was now a member of the family. 

At the end of the summer, they did manage to bring Toby home to Red Lodge.

Rescuing Greek cats skirted closely to becoming a pattern. “The following year, after another summer in Greece,” said Adams, “we brought yet another Greek cat home to Montana! Her name is Rue!”

Toby and Rue grew up together and Toby is now about five and a half years old, in his prime. He is affectionate, quite charming and striking in color.

Adams confirmed, “He's still very friendly, just as he was when he was a kitten, which is why I think it's possible someone might have adopted him.”

Adams is very understanding that someone might have easily misconstrued his wandering nature to consider him feral but she stresses he has a fine home and family who loves him.

The Adamses live on North Word Avenue in the "Hi Bug" district of Red Lodge. Visiting was his habit. 

“Toby, who likes to wander the neighborhood, would often visit our neighbors, even wandering into their houses for a visit or a snack. He disappeared last summer and I thought perhaps he'd been hit by a car, but then he returned two weeks later, fat and happy.”

If he is mistakenly adopted, that person needs to know Toby is loved, was well cared for and is deeply missed by a whole lot of people (and at least one cat). 

“I have two children, my daughter 15, and my son, 18, and they both miss him terribly,” said Adams.

Adams said his reappearance from time to time, “makes me think someone might have adopted him, thinking perhaps that he was homeless. The odd thing is, he always came home, no matter how long he wandered.”

At this point, however, he’s been missing six weeks and it’s the longest he’s ever been gone. They fear the worst.

It is hoped this story will be mentioned to friends and if there is a mistaken “recent adoption” they will contact the Adamses and reunite Toby with his family.

Meanwhile, the Adams family waits and perhaps, has some rekindled hope. 

Adams said, “Thanks so much for running a story about our dear Toby. If Toby is returned to us, not only will my family and I be happy, so will our neighborhood. We all miss him.”

Contact Adams at: 406-426-8501. 

Courtesy photo

Toby is a wanderer around Word, in Red Lodge, but isn’t in need of adoption. His devoted family (and cat friend Rue) is very worried and awaits his return.