Perkins gets 30 Years: Judge says that there “could be other child victims…is devastating”

By Eleanor Guerrero
Thursday, August 16, 2018

Photo by Eleanor Guerrero

Jason Perkins (left) is sentenced to 30 years in prison on two counts of sexual assaults on minors.

Asking for no state term in prison because of his “diminutive size” defense attorney Robert Kelleher pleaded in vain in Carbon County District Court, Aug. 8, as Judge Blair Jones threw out a plea agreement and gave his client, Jason Miles Perkins, 30 years for two counts of sexual assaults on two minor girls.

Relying heavily on the psycho-sexual report by Mike Sullivan whom Jones said “has been doing these reports for decades.” The points relied upon appear to include calling Perkins “morally indiscriminate” and that he had patterns of acting out when using alcohol and of using children.

In his sentencing Jones said he found the report overall of “grave concern.” Jones said particularly the comments that “other child victims are likely” and that “his denial appears to be intractable.” He was declared to be a Level Two risk sex offender and according to the report, “a challenging candidate for treatment.”

According to an affidavit filed by Carbon County Prosecutor Alex Nixon, on Oct. 9, 2014, the Sheriff’s Department forwarded a call to Deputy Jon Croft regarding a possible sexual assault. “E.F.” stated that she learned that her boyfriend, Perkins allegedly “may have sexually assaulted her daughters, A.B. and C. D. They were 8 and 7, respectively, at the time.

According to the affidavit, E.F. and the defendant had been dating for two and a half years. E.F. is the girls’ grandmother but has raised the girls as her daughters.

The defendant had moved in with her and the girls in early 2012, when they had been living in Red Lodge. After a few months, they moved to Willow Creek Road near Red Lodge.

E.F. was living in Roberts at the time of the police report with the girls along with her 16-year-old son. Perkins had recently vacated the residence.

According to court documents, both girls were allegedly improperly touched and violated on multiple occasions while the older girl was taken into a camper grabbed by the neck and violated violently along with other sexual assaults on other occasions. When she cried, Perkins threatened to kill her grandmother if she told. They were also made to “put on a show.”

The affidavit states that E.F. reported the girls were “exhibiting troubling behavior in school.” School officials had contacted her. Nevertheless, after the girls allegedly confided details to their grandmother about the assaults, court docs state E.F. stated she trusted Perkins with the girls and that the “Defendant spent a considerable amount of time alone with the girls.”

The psycho-sexual report found Perkins’ risk for sexual offenses a moderate risk but noted his criminal features “tend to increase the risk.” It also said his risk of non-sexual violence is also significant.

Nixon said there were allegations of other victims.

Two victims statements were read to the court by their Victim Witness Advocate. The first one said as restated, “Me and my sister… it affected my way at home and in school. I’m scared when I wake up at night. I fear being alone with other people. I’m afraid if he finds me and takes I won’t see my family again.

If I see a group of boys or a black truck” she’s afraid. She’s feels “like I’m acting crazy.” She hoped the judge would put him away “for a long time so he can’t do to the other girls what he did.” The other alleged victim stated, “I was abused. I see his face everywhere. I always run crying from everybody… especially boys. I don’t feel close to my dad and you should feel close to your dad. Jason took my mom from us. I have to worry about him every day. What he took away…I doubt myself, I can’t get it back, trust in myself, trust in my family.”

Both requested the judge give him “90 years in prison."

Jones was determined to make sure “there isn’t an additional child violated. The level of betrayal to victims of sexual abuse in not chartable, off the charts, not quantifiable. He said that there “could be other child victims” according to the report “is devastating.”

The State and Defense had agreed to a plea of 15 years for County 1, Sexual Assault, 10 years suspended and 15 years for Count 2, Sexual Assault, 10 years suspended, to run concurrently for a total of 10 years in prison.

Instead, Jones disregarded the plea and sentenced Perkins to 15 years each for each count to run consecutively for a total of 30 years in prison.

For both counts, Perkins must complete Phases 1 and 2 of the Sex Offender program in a prison setting before becoming eligible for parole. If paroled, Conditions 1-52 of the presentencing investigation will apply.

He noted, “My express reason: I’m very concerned. I’ve designated this person as Level 2, evidence of prior offenses, indicated from an expert in the field that there could be subsequent offenses and the court is doing everything it can to make sure there are no other offenses. It’s important for community safety, to protect minor children.”

Jones continued, “Clearly, according to the report and the Court, he is a danger to the community and there is likely to be a further child victim unless he is removed from the community. It is the Court’s strong motivation to preclude any danger by the defendant. The defendant will get a rehab opportunity. “

He stated, “The Court’s primary concern is to make sure there isn’t an additional child victim…A society that can’t protect its children is not a functioning and compassionate society.”

Perkins will receive credit for time served.


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