Police Blotter 01.11.18

01/01/2018 - Monday 
Caller is missing a stocky grey/black heeler shepherd with a white shirt. Was running towards island park.  
Caller reports wild turkeys are being fed by neighbors and they are destroying her yard and pecking at her house. Caller has notified FWP.
A deer needs to be dispatched / it is stuck in caller’s back fence and he has no idea how long it's been there. Deputy advised.
There were 2 people in caller’s mother’s house when her mother got home 2 hours ago. They left the house on her arrival.  Red Lodge officer spoke to caller.
A small yellow lab mix wearing a pink collar and a Pyrenees mix white/gray wearing a leather collar were found near Two Mile Bridge Road area. Caller will keep them until an owner is located.  Posted on Facebook.
Montana Highway Patrol received RAD report on a white car. It was all over the road, crossed into oncoming lane almost hitting another vehicle.  Deputy located/stopped vehicle.  Not DUI, male just isn’t a very good driver but was upset that anyone would say he was driving bad.
Several calls reporting a male on the side of the Highway 310 waving his hands / moved to the middle of the rd. Deputy responding. Received call from female reporting it’s her boyfriend. They got their car stuck near Silesia, had an argument, he left on foot. Last caller gave male a ride to Joliet.

01/02/2018 - Tuesday 
Deputy received report of individuals putting trash in the business dumpster.
Deputy received report of a stolen garbage can in Joliet.
Caller in Fromberg reports at least 4 shots heard coming from the old dump area. Deputy responded.
Caller in Roberts is getting threatening messages from a female known to her. Deputy spoke to caller.
A large male wearing dark clothing is standing in the middle of Highway 308 trying to flag caller down. Deputy responded / gave ride to Red Lodge.
01/03/2018 - Wednesday   
Red Lodge officer reports a male called an office and harassed the personnel / used profanity / officer will follow up.
A striped brown/black adult cat w/white nose, red collar is hanging around caller’s property in Red Lodge.
Driver had warrant from Gallatin County / transported to YCDF.
01/04/2018 - Thursday 
Caller advised he and wife had argument / she is inside, he’s outside / no weapons. Officers responded.
Deputy out assisting a couple with an issue of property ownership.
Caller reports a suspicious vehicle. It drove by earlier and is now parked in front of the residence. No one is around the vehicle / caller called back / it’s grandma’s cleaning lady. 
A younger male w/coat and snow pants is sitting on the side of the sidewalk. Red Lodge officer responded.
Deputy heard rapid gunshots south of Joliet and will be attempting to locate where it’s coming from. No more shots heard.
01/05/2018 - Friday
Caller in Roberts is worried that her belongings might be taken or destroyed by male that has to be out by noon. Deputy spoke to caller.
An aggressive dog keeps coming to caller’s address.

Caller reports the theft of items from the business.  Vehicle left.
Some items have been taken from caller’s garage in Roberts. Deputy responded.
01/06/2018 - Saturday
Three dogs are running loose on Bearcreek Highway. Don’t know whom owners are.
Caller reports the back door has been kicked in on family home / nothing missing / Red Lodge officer responded.
Red Lodge ski patrol req standby for SAR. 2 males needing rescue called not knowing where they were. Lost males called 911 / lat/long from 911 relayed to ski patrol / males located.
Caller in Bearcreek req deputy responded / he is trying to fix a gas leak and some home owners are coming out threatening him and telling him to get off of the property / deputies responded.
Caller in Red Lodge heard a loud boom and lost power / other callers lost power too.  NWE / Red Lodge officer responded. Found where a birthday balloon hit a transformer that is now smoking.
01/07/2018 - Sunday 
Joliet caller was concerned about mail being stolen by driver of a dark sedan that is stopping at mailboxes. Deputy discovered it was just the newspaper delivery man.
Red Lodge officer pursuing a SUV that left town speeding well over 100 MPH. 
Caller requires permission to go on property to attempt to sell some items. Deputy advised.
Joliet caller’s white Toyota four runner was stolen last night from their residence. Deputies responded.
Two black labs are missing from Laurel area / one has hunter orange collar with owner info. Missing since yesterday.   
Report of a barn on fire. Animals were inside. Deputies, Roberts fire / Red Lodge fire responded.


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