Police Blotter 01.18.18

01/08/2018  -  Monday
14:43  Scams            
Red Lodge area
Caller reporting a phone scam involving people requesting they send money out of an ATM. 
17:07  Public Nuisance
Caller req to talk to an officer about a male that is causing problems and being rude. Bridger officer responded.
20:01 Suspicious Activity                           
There are people in caller’s yard and garden. Deputy responded.
20:23 Traffic Complaint                          
HWY 310
Several beet trucks are driving around with no taillights or markers of any sort. Deputy responded.
01/09/2018  -  Tuesday
03:11 Motor Vehicle Crash                              
HWY 310
Head on collision just north of Rockvale. Unknown injuries / there is road blockage. Joliet Fire/EMS / deputy and MHP responded.
13:46 Littering / Trash                              
Laurel area / N Whitehorse Rd
There is a calf that has been butchered and left on the side of the road.  Deputy responded.

14:56  Traffic Complaint 
HWY 310 NB
A red truck pulling some type of green machinery is going 50 mph and weaving in and out of its lane. Laurel Police Department and MHP dispatch advised.

18:27 Civil Dispute                            
Red Lodge
Caller sold a vehicle to a man who made a down payment and did not follow through with paying it in full.  RL Officer advised.
01/10/2018  -  Wednesday
08:53 Welfare Check                              
Caller req check on a male. Dep. resp.
10:22  Traffic Complaint                          
Joliet area / HWY 212
Caller complaining that the snowplow is going too slow.
10:32  Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                
Red Lodge
RL officer reports a vehicle tried to pass a garbage truck and slid into the ditch.
22:23 Citizen Assist                             
Red Lodge
A male is lying in a snow bank in the alley. RL officer responded and requested EMS respond.

01/11/2018  -  Thursday
15:42 Suspicious Activity                           
HWY 78
Caller req to talk to a deputy concerning some suspicious activity. Deputy resp.
17:20 Citizen Contact                            
Red Lodge
Caller requested to talk to a deputy from Gallatin county.  Dispatch provided contact information.

01/12/2018  -  Friday
00:39 Traffic Stop                               
Driver brought in on suspicion of DUI / Stillwater County assisted vehicle processing with K9.
11:20  Welfare Check                              
Welfare check requested on individual. Dispatch called / individual answered and confirmed that everything was alright.
12:41 Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                
Red Lodge
a Coonhound without a collar is loose. Dispatch contacted owner / was out looking for it.
15:01 Citizen Contact                            
Red Lodge
RL officer checked on a man carrying a violin walking along side the road. He was fine, just walking home.
21:37 Suspicious Activity                          
An incident occurred at a game and caller wanted to report it.

01/13/2018  -  Saturday
09:28   Scams           
Caller rec’d suspicious call from someone claiming to know her asking for money.
11:59  Theft           
Business reports theft of property. Unsure which direction of travel / vehicle license provided.

13:33   Traffic Complaint                          
HWY 310 NB
A red pickup w/topper is swerving / traveling at varying speeds. Caller called back / they called Laurel PD/ vehicle was in the Walmart parking lot. MHP also responded.
13:48 Suspicious Activity                           
Red Lodge
A suspicious person has been hanging out in the area for the past couple weeks. RL officer responded / gave person a verbal warning about his behavior.
14:49  Threats / Harassment                         
Red Lodge
Caller is being threatened and harassed by an ex-roommate wanting refund on rent and food.  RL officer advised. 
15:29 Theft            
Transactions have been made on caller’s card without permission. Card has been shut off.
19:34  Recovered Stolen
Out of County / I90
MHP reports a trooper has a hit on a stolen vehicle they have pulled over. Deputy responded.
22:28  Reported As Drunk Driver                            
HWY 310
Laurel PD rec’d report of a possible drunk driver possibly heading into cc.  Information broadcast. Deputies looked for vehicle but were utl.
01/14/2018  -  Sunday
04:20 Motor Vehicle Crash                              
HWY 310 / Rockvale area
Two vehicle crash / one rolled over / fatality occurred.  Joliet EMS/Fire, deputies, MHP responded. Bridger EMS assisted.
05:59  Domestic Disturbance                        
Caller is being threatened by her mother / officers responded.
10:49 Animal Abuse/Neglect                      
Laurel area of CC
Caller found 2 dead ducks and believes some calves are unable to reach food. Deputy responded. Calves have access to feed. Owner adv the ducks died from an owl or weasel in the area. 
14:11 Suspicious Activity                           
Some people parked at caller’s property last night. Deputy responded. It appears their vehicle got stuck when they pulled into the driveway. Home was not entered.
18:43 Disturbance      
Red Lodge
A family member is intoxicated and threatening another family member. No weapons involved. Officers responded. 
21:46  Domestic Disturbance                        
DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE                       
Intoxicated male won’t leave when asked. Officers responded.  Male agreed to go to another location for the night. Officers transported.


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