Police Blotter 10.12.17

10/03/2017  -  Tuesday
09:07  Assault 
Red Lodge area / HWY 212
Caller was assaulted by a female / wants incident documented.

09:32   Suspicious Activity                                              
Joliet area
Caller heard there is mail being stolen and believes she just witnessed the suspect. 

10:37 Animal Complaint
Red Lodge
A feral F calico cat attacked, scratched and bit caller yesterday.  Caller was taking it to be a barn cat and it escaped. Is now running loose in Belfry. Caller will have to get shots.
11:56  Traffic Complaint                                                
HWY 212
A maroon Envoy is SB by Silesia / swerving very badly and has crossed the line and almost hit several oncoming cars.  Deputy responded / citation issued.
15:24  Theft                                    
Red Lodge
Caller reported a stolen pistol / Pistol entered NCIC.
16:22  Traffic Control                                                  
Leslie Rd
A beet truck just threw up a rock and broke caller’s windshield.  Reports the beet trucks consistently speed and don’t stop at stop signs. MHP / Deputy advised.
16:56 Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                           
Red Lodge
Caller found a blue/green parakeet by the basketball hoops in Lions Park. Beartooth Humane Alliance has the bird.
20:38 Suspicious Activity                                              
Red Lodge
A car has been driving back and forth near a residence with its brights on. RL Officer responded / driver was looking for a bear.

23:47  Noise Complaint                                                  
Red Lodge
A neighbor is playing really loud techno music since around 8 tonight. RL officer responded / appears to be a juvenile party / arrests made.

10/04/2017  -  Wednesday
08:14  Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                           
Near MM 76 HWY 212
A black lab and black and white border collie mix, also a wild pig found. Owner was notified.
09:13 Vandalism                               
Wilsey Rd
Two mailboxes were hit the night before last.  MHP advised.
15:33 Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                           
Laurel area of CC / HWY 310
a white sheep with a pink stripe from its ears to it's tail showed up in caller’s yard.

18:07 Animal Complaint-Domestic                                        
Red Lodge
RL officer reports a cat by Word and HWY 78 was hit by a car / it ran off and has a broken front leg.  The vet picked up the cat and took to the clinic.

10/05/2017  -  Thursday
07:31 Burglary                                 
Caller’s business was broken into night before last / some items are missing / deputy responded.
08:07 Animal Complaint-Wildlife                                        
Joliet area
Caller believes there is a rabid raccoon at her home. Sheriff responded.
10:45  Theft                                    
Red Lodge
Caller reports that someone stole cash from their business. RL Officer responded.
14:33  Citizen Assist                                                   
Red Lodge
A male is walking aimlessly around looking for his son. RL officer responded.
14:34 Fire- Other                                                      
Joliet area
Some workers pulled the siding off a residence and punctured the gas line. Joliet Fire and MDU RESPONDED.
16:39 Disturbance                              
Red Lodge / BWY Ave S
RL officer rc’d report that a witness saw 2 females backing another female into a corner, responded / utl.
16:48 Motor Veh. Crash,
Red Lodge
Caller reports a vehicle ran into his in the parking lot. Officers responded. / Driver brought in on suspicion of DUI.
17:00 Vandalism                               
Caller’s daughter’s car was keyed today at the school/car was keyed today at school. Deputy responded.
19:24 Suspicious Activity                                              
Bridger officer checked a vehicle that was parked the wrong way / advised deputy that she detected a smell of weed. Deputy responded.
20:58 Suspicious Activity                                              
Joliet area
Caller advised someone is trying to break into his house.
Deputy responded.

10/06/2017  -  Friday
09:31 Vandalism                                
Someone spay painted blue and pink on the green water building on the east side of the building/ deputy responded

14:12  Threats / Harassment
Red Lodge
Caller is being harassed by an ex-employee’s boyfriend.  He has made threats / RL officer spoke
16:39   Fire- Wildland 
A grass fire started at county line / Laurel Fire responded.
21:27  Building Check                                                   
Deputy checked the area and school and everything was clear.

10/07/2017  -  Saturday
01:00  Welfare Check                                                    
Red Lodge
Report of a highly intoxicated male laying in the middle of 13th street / officers responded and male had some injuries from falling/ EMS responded. 
06:58 Fire- Wildland
Caller saw flames of a small fire started along the ditch/ Fire Depts paged/No fire found.
12:03  Assist Other Agency
Billings Com req assistance for a gun call / canceled response prior to arrival. 
15:36  Traffic Stop                                                     
Red Lodge
Traffic stop turned into a felony DUI stop. 
17:57  Welfare Check                                                    
Red Lodge
A highly intoxicated male came in to use the restroom and was escorted out back to the alley/ req an officer check on him / RL officer responded/ utl male.

21:08  Traffic Complaint                                         
Bridger area / HWY 310
A WY ambulance is reportedly driving very recklessly with no hazard lights on/ MHP advised. Deputy located it / warning given.
22:58 Suicide Attempt/Threat                                           
Red Lodge
Male made threats of ending his life officers responded / spoke to male.

10/08/2017  -  Sunday
01:13 Area Check                                                      
oliet School Deputy checked the school area and all was clear.

01:15   Traffic Stop                                                     
Red Lodge
Driver brought in on suspicion of DUI.
08:50  Traffic Stop                                                     
Red Lodge
Male from yesterday’s felony DUI is behind the wheel again / officer was worried about driver’s condition EMS responded.

10:14  Suspicious Activity                                              
A male was following caller to her home then went back to his van and was staring at their home / deputies responded / located and spoke to male.
11:06  Animal- Lost/Found Pet                         
Missing horse, big grey/white/brown roan horse.
11:10 Traffic Control                                           
Deputies helped with traffic control while ranchers moved their cows.
13:08    Theft                                    
Red Lodge Business found someone shoplifting on their video camera today/RL officers responded.

10/09/2017  -  Monday
00:50  Animal Complaint-Domestic                                        
Red Lodge
A dog has been barking for the last hour.  RL officer responded.
05:04  Domestic Disturbance                                             
A male and female have been yelling at each other for at least 2 hours. Officers responded.

07:12   Animal Complaint-Domestic                                        
Laurel area of CC
2 dogs got into caller’s chicken coop last night. He caught 1 of the dogs. Deputy responded.
11:13 Scams                                   
RP just got a call for Breast Cancer Awareness Month asking for a donation by credit card only, not cash.
14:18  Traffic Stop                                                     
Red Lodge
RL Officer again advised a driver to stop driving the vehicle until he gets the windshield fixed because an elk had gone through it.
18:20 Abandoned Motor Vehicle                                          
Bridger / HWY 72
Rc’d report of an abandoned motor vehicle with its door open / deputy contacted owner / they leave the door open so their dog can go inside the vehicle.

18:41  Traffic Hazard                                                   
HWY 212
Deputy drove up the canyon and found several small rocks on the highway that he was able to remove.


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