Police Blotter 10.19.17

10/10/2017  -  Tuesday
08:44 Threats / Harassment                                  
Caller request to talk to a deputy concerning threats and harassment being made.  Deputy responded.
11:24 Littering / Trash                                       
Cooney area
Caller requesting to talk to a deputy about a trash/littering issue. Deputy responded.
12:46 Threats / Harassment                                  
Red Lodge area
Caller has received some threats and would like to talk to a deputy. Deputy responded.
14:36 Traffic Hazard                                      
Red Lodge
Caller advised there is a wheel barrow in the SB lane Hwy 212.  Deputy responded / UTL.
15:35 Animal Complaint-Domestic                                   
A loose Pit Bull is eating on a dead deer along the highway. Deputy responded / 2 dogs back with owner.
15:59 Reported As Drunk Driver                                      
A white Dodge Durango is speeding and driving on sidewalks. Deputy responded.
18:29 Reported As Drunk Driver                                      
HWY 310
Caller reports a possible a drunk driver SB on 310 towards Bridger. Deputy responded / stopped vehicle / not DUI.
21:47 Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                         
Roberts / HWY 212
A bronco is in the barrow pit. Deputy responded / not DUI.
21:51  Disturbance               
2 males were fighting in the bar then moved outside. Bridger officer and deputy responded.

10/11/2017  -  Wednesday
06:05 Domestic Disturbance                                 
Caller reports her husband assaulted her last night and again now. Officers responded.
10:05 Animal Complaint-Wildlife                                    
Red Lodge
F&G officer rc’d report of a possible rabid skunk at a home. Responded.
10:26  Animal Complaint-Domestic                                    
Rc’d complaint of a nuisance dog, Bridger officer adv.
11:52   Parking                   
Red Lodge
Caller called 911 to report a vehicle parked in front of her neighbor’s property for 3 months. It's obstructing her view / RL officer responded / vehicle goa.
13:41 Fire- Wildland                                    
Red Lodge area
Caller has a 20'x20' brush fire, control burn. Is concerned, with the wind, it may get out of control. RL Fire responded.
14:27   Theft          
Roberts area
Caller reports a theft of some cattle / has a suspect. Deputy spoke to caller.
15:55    Theft                     
Caller reports a theft of a car stereo, stolen about a month ago. Deputy responded.
16:02  Scams                     
Caller listed an item on Craig’s list for $400. She rc’d a check in the mail for $1650 with a request to cash and send the difference back to the buyer. Deputy spoke to caller.
16:10   Suicide Attempt/Threat                              
Red Lodge
Rc’d report that a female is making suicidal threats.  RL officers responded.
17:12   Assist Other Agency                                      
Pryor Gap Rd.
Deputies and MHP responded to assist with a possible pursuit that may come into CC.
19:30 Fire- Other                                       
SB Highway 310 before Rockvale a trailer full of hay is on fire, it’s off the road and fully engulfed. Jol Fire, MHP, deputies responded.
21:15 Citizen Assist                                      
Red Lodge
Caller requests assistance removing a guest from the hotel. RL officers responded.

10/12/2017  -  Thursday
11:52 Animal Complaint-Wildlife                                    
Joliet area
Caller shot a suspicious raccoon on his property yesterday.
12:02  Theft                     
Caller reports the theft of items/ has video. Deputy responded.
12:03 Fire- Other                                       
Red Lodge
Construction workers hit a gas line/RL Fire / NWE responded.
17:08   Scams                     
Caller rc’d a voice mail from the IRS saying he had a warrant because of a lien on a loan that hasn't been paid. Was adv the IRS does not call, they write formal letters.
18:47 Traffic Complaint                                  
S OF Bridger NB HWY 310
Caller reports a white Corvette passed him driving approx 100 miles/hour.  Deputy located vehicle / citation issued to kid driving dad’s car.
20:41 Motorist Assist                                      
Fromberg area / HWY 310
Deputy checked a car on the side of the road/ gave 4 occupants a ride to Fromberg.
10/13/2017  -  Friday 
07:54  Disturbance               
A loud argument was heard from inside of a residence / deputy and MHP officer responded /reportedly this happens often but that is all it is.
12:37     Theft                     
Caller found the serial # for a shotgun reported stolen in June. Gun entered NCIC.
15:24 Traffic Complaint                                   
Report of a silver Ford car with children in the car almost caused a head on collision/ deputy and MHP advised.
19:19 Reported As Drunk Driver 
DANGEROUS DRUGS                                     
S of Bridger nb HWY 310
A dark car is swerving all over the road / deputy found and stopped car / driver arrested for dangerous drugs.
21:27   Disturbance               
Red Lodge area
Report of a possible crowd of people at a residence yelling at each other/ RL officer responded / utl anything in the area.
23:21 Trespass Complaint                                   
Fromberg area
About 15 vehicles having a party / they were on caller’s property and almost took out a fence when they saw caller come out.  Deputy & Fromberg officer responded / checked party adv them to not go on caller’s property again.
10/14/2017  -  Saturday
05:04  Hit and Run
Joliet / HWY 212       
A car was hit by another vehicle that kept going. The car went into the ditch.  Deputy/ MHP/ Joliet Fire /EMS responded.  ATL put out for car that ran. 
Trespass Complaint                                  
Joliet area
Someone was trespassing on caller’s porch last night / has video. Deputy response canceled prior to arrival / caller discovered it was her son.
13:48  Trespass Complaint                                   
Report of a possible break in to the high school and a residence / Fromberg officer advised.
17:09  Animal Complaint-Domestic                                    
The neighbor’s 2 dogs bark nonstop, all day.  Deputy responded / only heard a few barks.
18:46  Fire- Wildland                                    
N of Roberts rest area
Rc'd report of a fire that appears to be out of control. Roberts Fire responded / was a control burn, not out of control, has active burn permit.
10/15/2017  -  Sunday
02:02  Traffic Hazard                                     
Red Lodge
RL officer out with a male that was skate boarding, intoxicated, down the middle of hwy / warning given.
09:49  Traffic Hazard                                      
Two Mile Bridge Rd
A Large tree branch is broken but still in the tree.  If it fell caller thinks it’s big enough it could damage a car if one was parked there. RL Officer checked the branch.
12:07 Vandalism                 
Deputy responded to a report of a damaged mail box in a subdivision.
16:01 Reported As Drunk Driver                                      
Red Lodge area         
A grey ford pickup was driving all over the road/ deputy located and stopped vehicle. Driver brought in on suspicion of DUI.
18:46 Traffic Hazard                                      
A silver truck has been parked in the middle of Cole Creek Rd for about 2 hours/ no one around the truck.  Deputy responded / GOA.
10/16/2017  -  Monday
06:58  Motor Veh. Crash,Non-Injury     
BEAR SIGHTING                                 
Montaqua Rd
Caller hit a black bear / vehicle is in the road / deputy / MHP / F&G notified.
10:47 Animal Complaint-Livestock                                   
Joliet area
The neighbor's pig keeps coming onto the caller’s property, doing damage to her yard.  Deputy advised / owner notified.
12:13             Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                         Joliet / Shane Ridge Rd
Caller is missing his red roan quarter horse / brand on her hip.  Has been gone at least a week / deputy responded.
19:09             Motor Vehicle Crash                                       Cooney Rd
One vehicle rollover / driver out and okay. checked by Roberts EMT.  Deputy / MHP responded. 
21:53             Motor Vehicle Crash                                       MM 50.7 HWY 310
One vehicle rollover / at least one injury / vehicle off hwy / Laurel Fire, Joliet EMS, deputies and MHP troopers responded.


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