Police Blotter 11.02.17

10/24/2017  -  Tuesday
Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury                                      
Roberts area / HWY 212
Caller’s daughter hit what is believed to be a large cat north of Roberts.  Non injury / bumper is off the vehicle. Deputy and MHP adv.
09:19    Trespass Complaint                                           
Red Lodge
Caller reports her daughter is trespassing. RL officer spoke to caller.
10/25/2017  -  Wednesday
14:35   Theft                             
Joliet area
Caller reports the theft of paperwork and insurance cards from three vehicles at their property in the last 6 months.
19:42 Animal- Lost/Found Pet 
Rockvale / HWY 212
Caller’s horse missing. A bay gelding with a diamond on face, brand a heart symbol.  Neighbor saw him earlier. 
19:45  Fire- Wildland                                            
Belfry Cemetery HWY 72
Grass fire reported in the Belfry cemetery / Belfry Fire searched cemetery / utl any fire.
19:50 Motor Veh. Crash,
BEAR SIGHTING                                     
By KOA - HWY 212
Deer vs vehicle / the deer was being chase by a bear. He hit and killed the deer but not sure if he hit the bear. Minimal damages to the car / has left the scene.
10/26/2017  -  Thursday
14:12 Animal Complaint-Domestic                                        
A blk lab has been hit and is deceased / laying along the side of the hwy. Deputy responded / no hazard and DOT will get it removed before school gets out.
16:51    Traffic Hazard                                              
Whitehorse Ranch Rd
Deputy out with some people playing on the RR tracks. The people took off running, but are now off the tracks.
18:18 Suspicious Activity                                            
2 to 3 males in hunter orange are driving back and forth on Cole Creek Rd in a white pickup. All private property and they shouldn’t be hunting there.

19:43 Fire- Other
Boyd area           
Caller sees a large fire.  Called permit holder and they are putting it out now.  A deputy saw the fire and checked / all is fine there.
22:14 Disturbance                       
Red Lodge
2 males reportedly fighting on N Broadway. RL officer responded / males GOA.

10/27/2017  -  Friday
Traffic Control
Joliet Area/ HWY 212
Deputies assisted in moving some cattle on hwy.
14:56 Larceny/Forgery/Fraud 
Belfry area
A female advertised for hunters to come hunt on her property. Caller gave money and found it was a fraud when he arrived.  F&G warden adv. 
17:41 Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                           
Deputy reports a Great Danish/mutt dog running alongside the hwy / was not in traffic.
20:24 Scams                             
Caller rec’d a call saying they were SS and were increasing her payment but needed her bank info. Caller realized, after giving info, that it was a scam / she contacted SS and her bank and fraud hotline. 

10/28/2017  -  Saturday
06:30 Suspicious Activity                                            
Red Lodge area
Caller reports a pickup going up different roads going from mailbox to mailbox opening and shutting them. Deputies know it to be the guy that delivers the newspaper.
Citizen Assist                                              
Red Lodge
Caller reports the water at his rental house has turned brown. Public Works had turned water off a few times and it kicked up some stuff / adv to let it run awhile and it will clear up.

11:58 Animal Complaint-Domestic                                        
Red Lodge
A dog in the area constantly barks day and night.  Owners refuse to do anything.
14:01 Fire- Alarm                                              
Red Lodge
Smoke alarm at the post office. RL officer cleared building. RL Fire utl anything / false alarm.
16:17 Traffic Stop                                                
Red Lodge
Citations issued / drug paraphernalia confiscated.
10/29/2017  -  Sunday
15:47  Animal Complaint-Domestic                                        
2 dogs were chasing caller’s sheep. A big, dark, Shepherd and a small blue healer.  Caller saw one dog have a sheep by the foot. Were able to chase the dogs off. Dep. resp.
16:41  Animal Complaint-Wildlife                                        
HWY 212 + Kent Ln
A big bull moose is at the hot springs north of town on the west of the highway. It is causing a traffic hazard with all the people stopped on the highway.  Deputy responded / was able to get the moose away. No longer a traffic hazard.
Motorist Assist                                              
Red Lodge area
Caller left her vehicle lights on at Greenough Lake / her battery is dead. She is walking toward RL now. Deputy and MHP trooper responded / took caller back to the vehicle / got it started without a jump / will follow caller back to town.
10/30/2017  -  Monday
03:29 Suspicious Activity  
Someone rang caller’s doorbell at 1am and again at 3am. He saw a pickup parked down the street but wasn’t sure if it was involved / did not see a person. Deputy was called / advised the power is out on the whole block / located the pickup / belongs to the power company.
07:53 Threats / Harassment                                          
Red Lodge
A male walks by caller’s house often with a small tan/whi shepherd looking dog / it’s never on a leash and chases the deer. Caller threatened to shoot his dog if he allows it to chase the deer again.  Male then made a threat against caller.  RL Officer advised.
10:52 Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                           
Red Lodge
RL Officer attempting to catch a young, small, light tan mini Aussie male dog that is running loose.  Dog caught.
17:56   Traffic Complaint                                           
HWY 310 + Krug Ln
A woman stopped in the middle of the sb lane holding up traffic waving a bat at the car that passed by her. Got in her car and was driving very recklessly now. Woman now stopped to get pumpkins. Deputy and MHP responded. Woman transported to YCDF.   
21:39 Fire- Alarm                                               
Fire alarm at the high school, Jol Fire spoke with a maintenance man on scene. He adv to cancel response. They are having a haunted house tonight and they got a little carried away with the smoke machine. All is fine.


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