Police Blotter 11.09.17

10/31/2017  -  Tuesday
12:30   Fire- Vehicle                                             
End of Granite Rd
Rc’d report of a trailer pulled by a pickup on fire.  A burn pile had been loaded on it that was still too hot.  Joliet Fire responded / Fire out / no damage to trailer.
14:23      Littering / Trash                                              
Red Lodge
Report of people processing deer and putting the carcass’s in the dumpster and leaving the lid off. Caller is worried about potential bear activity and raccoons and magpies are in it.  RL officer advised.      
16:28 Suspicious Activity                                            
Roberts area
Caller reports he believes his brother may be on his property while he is away / doesn’t want him there / deputy advised.
16:39     Traffic Hazard                                             
YC – Laurel overpass - HWY 310
There is a part of a hide in a bed. Here is apart of hide a bed in the SB lane just s of Laurel. MHP advised.
17:23   Suspicious Activity                                            
A male is standing at a bridge / he appears to be distraught or agitated. Caller didn’t want to stop. Deputy responded / utl.
20:04   Threats/Harassment                
A male is at memorial park / has been using the "f" word and being verbally abusive toward the kids. Deputy responded.
20:08 Citizen Assist                                              
Red Lodge area
Caller’s husband left his phone at home / was in Billings at 17:00 / has not heard from him since, wants to know if there has been accidents.  Information broadcast / husband made it home.
11/01/2017  -  Wednesday
11:43   Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                             
Bearcreek Hill / HWY 308
Report of slide offs on the east side of Bearcreek hill.  Tow trucks responded.
11:45   Traffic Hazard                                              
Bearcreek Hill / HWY 308
A 2 wheel drive vehicle is stuck in the middle of the hwy.  Deputy / tow truck / DOT advised.
12:04   Traffic Hazard                                              
Red Lodge / Brewery Hill / HWY 308
2 vehicles stuck in the middle of the road on the Bearcreek hill, 2 that have slid off the road. RL officer adv Brewery Hill is plugged.  DOT / Deputy / Tow truck adv.
12:33    Suicide Attempt/
Caller’s daughter possibly suicidal / EMS responded / Bridger officer advised.
13:44    Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                             
MM 20 HWY 78
DOT rec’d a report of a semi slide off.  It is not blocking traffic. 
17:49 Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                           
Bridger Fromberg Rd.
Caller lost 2 bro/whi German Short-hair dogs. Last seen this morning when caller left for work. 
18:30 Sudden Death                                               
Bridger area
Caller’s mother-in-law has passed away. Deputy responded.

18:39  Animal Complaint-Livestock                                       
Just S of Fox / West side / HWY 212
A deer tried to jump a fence and knocked the fence over.  Caller called in the event cattle might get out.  Property owner called and will check the fence. 
11/02/2017  -  Thursday
10:54  Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                             
HWY 310
Caller got over too far on the shoulder and the snow sucked her into the ditch. She is not injured, no airbags deployed, just stuck.  MHP adv / will have a trooper call caller.
15:40  Motor Veh. Crash,
Red Lodge
A bus hit a parked vehicle it was parked beside.  No injuries / there is road blockage. RL officers responded.
16:13     Traffic Stop                                                
Red Lodge area
F&G Warden cited male for a hunting violation.
11/03/2017  -  Friday
06:24     Trespass Complaint                                          
Bridger area
Caller reports the same car is parked on his property again this morning.  RO was told not to be hunting there.  F&G Warden adv and responded.
06:42    Traffic Hazard                                              
Boyd area / HWY 212
There is something dead in the NB lane.  Deputy responded checked area / UTL.
12:06  Welfare Check                                               
Fromberg area
Deputy rc’d req to check on caller’s daughter / she hasn’t been able to contact her.  Deputy responded / daughter is fine / doesn’t have a phone right now.
13:18 Animal Complaint-Livestock                                       
MM 84 HWY 212
There is a horse stuck in barbed wire fence. Contacted possible owner / will go check. 
15:45  Animal Complaint-Wildlife                                        
Red Lodge
Some turkeys are stuck in a fenced in yard / unable to free themselves from the snow.  RL officer responded / turkeys are no longer there.

16:12 Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                           
Red Lodge
A black lab is running around Town Pump area.  It has a collar and tags.  They are unable to catch him.  RL Officer responded. 
20:33  Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                           
Roberts area
Caller is missing his Brindle Pitbull with cropped ears / no collar / is chipped. Thinks it may be at a neighbor’s house.  Req Deputy respond to verify if it’s there.  Deputy responded.  Caller’s dog not at the neighbor’s house.
11/04/2017  -  Saturday
11:33 Animal Complaint
Red Lodge
An injured turkey has been by caller’s back door for two days / has an injured leg and unable to move through the snow. RL Officer got the turkey out of the yard and back with other turkeys.
12:07 Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                           
Red Lodge
Caller saw two border collies with no collars running loose.
20:01    Hit and Run                                                 
Roberts area / HWY 212
Someone has gone off the road and through caller’s fence.  Vehicle is gone / caller wanted to know who damaged the fence / no report had been made of accident.
20:45      Citizen Assist                                              
Caller wants a deer crossing sign in her area. She is worried about the fawns getting hit by a vehicle.  Was adv to call Town Hall to req signs.
20:57   Citizen Assist                                              
Red Lodge
Caller can’t get her frozen car door open / req assistance.  RL Officer responded / got the door open.
22:49 Welfare Check                                              
Driver brought in on suspicion of DUI.
11/05/2017  -  Sunday
 03:30  Parking                          
Red Lodge
RL officer gave several vehicles warning stickers due to being parked in the snowplow route. 
16:30 Disturbance                       
Red Lodge
Caller’s cousin is outside her window wanting to talk to her.  She is not letting him in. He is banging on the window. RL officer responded. 
18:39    Suicide Attempt/Threat                                      
Caller reports taking some pills / Bridger officer, EMS responded.
20:43  Domestic Disturbance
DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE                       
Caller req officer respond for a female that caller believes was involved in a domestic disturbance.  Officers responded.
21:56   Motor Veh. Crash,
N OF Red Lodge / HWY 212
Deer vs vehicle / non injury / deer is gone / quite a bit of damage to car.  Deputy & MHP responded. MHP adv this wasn’t a deer hit – it was a moose. 
11/06/2017  -  Monday
07:50    Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                             
N of Silesia - HWY 212
Caller slid off of the road.  There is no property damage or injuries.  Deputy and MHP responded.
08:20 Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                             
Red Lodge / HWY 212
Sheriff reports a slide off / vehicle was able to get back on the road.   
08:53  Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                             
HWY 310
Caller slid off of the road. no injuries or property damage.  Deputy, Bridger officer responded.
Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury                                      
Red Lodge
Two vehicles ran into each other.  No injuries. Both left the scene.  RL officer responded.
11:21 Animal Complaint-Domestic                                        
Red Lodge area
Caller would like to talk to a deputy about an aggressive dog that comes onto caller’s property.  Deputy spoke to caller.
14:42   Theft                             
Red Lodge
The lug nuts have been stolen off caller’s vehicle.  RL officer advised.
20:16  Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                             
Rockvale / HWY 310
Caller slid off of the road and will be coming back to pick up vehicle in the morning.  MHP responded.


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