Police Blotter 11.16.17

11/07/2017  -  Tuesday

14:50 Animal Abuse/Neglect                                             
Edgar area
Some horses have been left on a property. Caller has been watering them all summer because owner said the grass had enough water. Caller is now feeding them hay. Deputy spoke to caller and horse owner.
17:24 Motor Veh. Crash,
Belfry area / HWY 72
A beet flew out of a beet truck and struck caller’s side window.  Will stop in Belfry / MHP advised.
21:28 Disturbance                             
Caller can hear a female crying and screaming.  Deputies and EMS responded.
11/08/2017  -  Wednesday

11:33   Fire- Other                                                      
Roberts area
Report of a gas leak at a subdivision. Roberts Fire responded / no structures threatened, it’s a gas line release valve in field.  NWE responded.
14:06   Hit & Run                                                        
Red Lodge
It appears that a vehicle ran into caller’s building. Pieces of a taillight and possibly a mirror on the ground. RL officer responded.
16:42 Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                             
E Bench Rd
Caller was driving and had a load of hay on when he slid into the ditch. No injuries or damage.
20:21 Animal Complaint-Domestic                                        
Red Lodge
Neighbors are not feeding their cats so they come into caller’s yard and kill the birds that she feeds. RL officer spoke to caller.
11/09/2017  -  Thursday

 07:59 Domestic Disturbance                                             
Caller reports a possibly physical domestic disturbance.  Officer responded.
08:34  Animal Complaint-
Roberts area
Some horses have not had hay in a couple of days / caller is afraid they’ll get out on the road soon. 
11/10/2017  -  Friday
02:06 Motor Vehicle Crash                                              
Roberts / Cottonwood Rd
A pickup is upside down in a coulee.  Caller did not stop / unk injuries / first responder adv one person is out of vehicle / is ok. Deputy and MHP responded.
09:29  Suspicious Activity                                              
Red Lodge area
Tracks up to caller’s shop.  Deputy advised.
12:19  Motorist Assist                                                  
HWY 72
Deputy out for motorist assist / they’re out of gas / have someone coming / female driver has a YC felony warrant / YCDF doesn’t have room. Vehicle to be towed as no one in vehicle has a valid d/l.

1247  Fire- Vehicle
Pfeifer Rd
A vehicle in caller's driveway is on fire / was not being driven.  Bridger Fire responded. 
15:27     Threats / Harassment
Red Lodge
A threat was made to a family member about an hour ago.  RL officer advised.
11/11/2017  -  Saturday
08:00 Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                             
HWY 78
A DOT plow slid off the road / Driver is ok.  No damage / req a tow truck to get back on highway.
08:23 Motor Veh. Crash,
Red Lodge HWY 212
Caller witnessed a fender bender on the round about. Both are ok.  RL Officer responded / Both vehicles GOA.
08:46  Traffic Hazard                                                   
Roberts area / HWY 212
3 semis are stopped trying to put chains on and are blocking traffic.  Deputy and RL Officer responded / got semis off the road. 
12:00 Citizen Contact
Red Lodge
Caller wants officers to be aware of a possible problem at a wedding this afternoon with a family member that hates other family members.  Suspect has a violent history. Officers advised.
14:21 Citizen Contact                                                  
Red Lodge
A male is heavily intoxicated and walking S on Broadway.  Caller is concerned he may get in a vehicle. RL Officer responded / UTL.
16:36 Vandalism                               
Red Lodge
Caller’s back window was broken out of her mini van while in a parking lot. RL officer req she file a report. 
19:03 Disturbance                              
Red Lodge
Caller has 2 unruly patrons / deputy and RL officer responded / removed patrons.
20:50  Citizen Assist                                                   
Hell Roaring Plateau
Caller rc’d a text from a male that was hunting, needs his father to respond to his location with a snowmobile. He’s not hurt just having a hard time walking back.  Caller req deputy respond to father’s location with message as father is out of cell range.  Deputy responded / msg delivered.
11/12/2017  -  Sunday
02:18  Welfare Check                                                    
Red Lodge area / HWY 212
An intoxicated male was given a ride by caller to an address.  Caller is not sure he made it into the house. Req welfare check.  Deputy responded.
08:12  Trespass Complaint                                               
Red Lodge area
A hunter drove his pickup onto caller’s land. They are allowed to hunt but not allowed to drive on the land.  Caller spoke to hunter / adv him not to drive on property again / does not want to press charges.  F&G Warden advised.
10:10   Civil Dispute                                                    
Caller req Deputy respond and remove ex-boyfriend from her home. Deputy adv she must go through eviction process.
11:43  Trespass Complaint                                               
Fromberg area
A male has been trespassing and hunting on caller’s property without permission. Suspect has been given several warnings and this happens every year. F&G Warden advised.
12:03  Suspicious Activity                                              
Red Lodge
Sometime yesterday someone pulled up and left tire tracks on the sidewalk. Footprints go around the building, stopping at the windows and doors. RL Officer responded.
15:01 Citizen Assist                                                   
Red Lodge
Caller requested a male leave the premises. He has a knife in his belt, he didn’t make any threats but they are concerned. RL Officer responded / He had left when asked to.
17:30 Animal Complaint-Domestic                                        
Red Lodge area / Palisades Campground Rd.
The neighbor’s 3 dogs are running loose on the road. Caller thinks one was hit by a vehicle, but she is not sure if it is injured. Dogs’ owner is not at home. Ongoing problem. Deputy responded / Utl any dogs.

17:40 Suspicious activity                                              
Red Lodge
Someone went through caller’s vehicle. Nothing was taken, but she could tell it had been gone through. It was parked in the alley and the establishment has a camera. RL officers responded to area.
18:58 Welfare Check                                                    
Rc’d req for check on caller’s father. He was supposed to pick her up this evening and he didn’t show up Deputy responded / he is fine / fell asleep and phone was off.

11/13/2017  -  Monday
07:43  Traffic Complaint                                                
Roberts area / HWY 212 SB
A black SUV pulled out in front of caller and is all over the road. 
07:57  Reported As
Drunk Driver                                         
Red Lodge
Caller reports a very intoxicated female came into their business / left and got into a black SUV and ran into a post. RL officer and deputy responded. Believe it’s the same vehicle previously reported. Driver brought in on suspicion of DUI.
08:50  Welfare Check                                                    
Joliet to Red Lodge
Caller’s wife should be at work by 7:38 / has not arrived yet.  She doesn’t answer her phone. She is driving a blue car. Missing wife called, she had a meeting this morning that her husband and work both forgot about.  She is fine.

12:51 Animal/Dog Bite
Red Lodge
Saturday night a raccoon came through the dog door into caller’s house / it was eating dog food.  Her dog attacked it and she tried to break them up by kicking it. It bit her foot and ran out. Has been to the hospital.  RL officer advised.
15:16  Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                           
Roberts / HWY 212
Caller’s 9 yo Basset Hound got out of his collar and took off sb by the lost village.
16:16 Threats / Harassment 
An ex-employer is texting caller making threats and harassing her.  Caller just wants him to stop.  Deputy spoke to suspect / he will stop.
21:01 Disturbance                              
Red Lodge
A male came into the business wanting to buy alcohol without a driver’s license.  He became angry when sale refused. RL officer & deputy responded.


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