Police Blotter 11.30.17

11/21/2017  -  Tuesday
01:02   Welfare Check                                                    
Red Lodge
Deputy checked on a vehicle that has its hazard lights on.

08:16  Motor Veh. Slide-Off                                             
HWY 78
A semi is stuck on Powers Hill. Non-injury and vehicle did not have any damage.  Deputy responded / semi goa / saw some tracks where it was able to get back on the hwy.

08:32  Animal Complaint-Wildlife                                        
Joliet area
A deer needs to be dispatched.  Sheriff responded.
1:54  Motor Vehicle Crash                                              
N of Roberts rest area / HWY 212
One vehicle rollover crash. Deputy, MHP, Fire / EMS responded.
11:54  Traffic Complaint                                                
HWY 212 + Fox East Bench Rd
A plow kicked up some rocks and left chips in caller's vehicle.  MHP advised.
12:23 Theft 
Red Lodge
Caller reported a theft of items / has video. RL officer responded.
17:06 Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury                                      
Roberts area / HWY 212
Vehicle vs deer.  No injuries / there is damage to the vehicle.  Sheriff removed deer from hwy / MHP advised.
17:14   Abandoned Motor
Between Belfry & Bearcreek / HWY 308
The axle broke on caller’s vehicle. He will make sure it’s off the highway and will get it tomorrow.  
17:50 Animal Complaint-Wildlife                                        
S OF MM 1 / HWY 78
RL officer reports a deceased deer on the walking path.  DOT notified.
21:41   Assist Other Agency                                              
Out of Carbon County
Deputy responded to req for assistance for a report of gunshots fired in Yellowstone County.  Believes the shots were close to Carbon County. 
11/22/2017  -  Wednesday
08:58 Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury                                      
Roberts area / HWY 212
Deputy reports vehicle vs. deer / more than $1000 in damage.
13:20 Domestic Disturbance
Caller reports her brother assaulted her. He is inside; she is out of the house. Officers responded.
17:21  Threats / Harassment THREATS                                             
Caller is getting harassing and threatening calls / will get a restraining order.
18:01 Fire- Vehicle                                                    
Bridger / HWY 72
Deer vs. vehicle / vehicle is now on fire / no injuries / everyone is out of the vehicle.  MHP, Deputy and Belfry Fire responded.
21:59 Disturbance                              
A man is banging on caller’s door, yelling to let him in.  She thinks there could be more than one trying to get in. Bridger Officer and Deputy responded / It was caller’s husband, he forgot his key.
22:13 Animal Complaint-Wildlife                                        
Red Lodge
There is a deer that is injured that has a box on its head on Platt. RL officer responded / utl.
23:43  Suspicious Activity                                              
There are 4 individuals in caller’s yard / believes them to be intoxicated.  Deputy responded. 
11/23/2017  -  Thursday
02:17   Fire- Structure
Report of house fire / Dep., Bridger Fire & EMS responded. 
11/24/2017  -  Friday
08:49 Scams                                    
Bridger area
Caller rc’d an automated call stating that her soc # was going to be suspended unless she called back.  
10:06  Animal Complaint-Wildlife
RACCOON SIGHTING                                        
Joliet area / Ragweed Cir
There is a raccoon on the other side of caller’s fence that will not leave or move. Deputy responded / adv it seems fine.
12:15  Threats / Harassment
Red Lodge                           
Extra patrol request for RLPD / a male is harassing caller after being fired.
14:53 Animal- Lost/Found Pet                                           
Red Lodge
Caller’s male Vizsla dog jumped the fence. Wearing a red collar no tags, very friendly, name is Grady.
15:14  Motor Vehicle Crash                                              
MM 45 HWY 310
3 vehicle crash / minor injuries / road blockage / deputies, MHP, RL EMS & Fire responded.
 15:57  Animal Complaint-Domestic                                        
Red Lodge
The neighbor has taken caller’s cats and put them in a cage.  RL officer advised.
11/25/2017  -  Saturday
00:14 Missing Person                                                   
Red Lodge
Caller lost his drunk friend / they are from out of state / he can’t find him/ RL officers responded. 
03:19  Public Nuisance                                                  
Red Lodge
A female is causing problems at location / RL officers responded / female, highly intoxicated, is searching for her husband.  Husband located.
05:02  Motor Vehicle Crash                                                      MM 40-41 HWY 310
A truck hit the car that hit the deer. Possible injuries / severe damages to both vehicles now / MHP, Joliet Fire / EMS responded. 
11:39     Vandalism                                
Red Lodge
Someone with YC plates came onto caller’s property / cut a tree down, took it and left.  Deputy advised.
11/26/2017  -  Sunday
10:55   Citizen Assist                                                   
Red Lodge
Caller’s dog stepped on the lock button while caller was getting gas / needs help getting in vehicle. Towing company will respond to open door.
14:09  Citizen Contact                                                  
Caller hears gun shots just over the hill from their house and doesn’t think that is safe being so close / thinks they are target practicing / Deputy spoke to caller.
16:30 Scams                                    
Joliet area
Caller reports a family member rec’d a call threatening to press charges if he didn’t send money. Charges are supposedly for sending nude pictures to caller’s underage daughter. Threatened to call police-he hung up.
11/27/2017  -  Monday
06:42    Traffic Hazard                                                   
Lower Luther Rd
A big tree is down blocking the road. The school bus won't be able to get through this morning.  Need moved by a piece of equipment.  Will be there in 15 minutes.
09:05  Citizen Assist                                                   
Red Lodge
Caller locked herself out of the house. Everything is locked, including windows.  RL Officer advised.
10:21 Theft 
Bridger Officer reports a stolen gun taken from a vehicle.  Gun entered NCIC.
15:45    Trespass Complaint                                               
Red Lodge area
2 hunters trespassed on caller's property / he has a photo.  Has spoken to F&G Warden.  Has identified one / would like them spoken to.  F&G Warden notified.


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