Police Blotter 12.07.17

11/28/2017  -  Tuesday
07:50 Theft  
Caller reports the theft of her purse from her vehicle.
15:44  Theft                     
Caller reports the theft of some items from their garage. Their vehicle was ransacked but nothing stolen from it. 
17:17 Suspicious Activity                                  
Caller was told about a possible transient camp at a couple locations by the bridge.  Deputy responded / utl.
21:14   Fire- Structure                                  
Joliet area
Rc’d report of a chimney fire / flames are visible / Joliet Fire and deputy responded.
11/29/2017  -  Wednesday
09:31  Citizen Assist                                     
A tree is down by a building in Roberts / Roberts Fire responded / assisted in removal.
09:59   Fire- Wildland                                    
Yellowstone County
Air Traffic Control sees smoke east of Silesia and east of the Clarks Fork River. Laurel has fire enroute –in Yellowstone county at the Sundance Recreational Area.
11:44   Theft                     
Red Lodge
Caller believes his male Vizsla with a red collar was stolen off Broadway on 11/24 by an elderly, tall male wearing western wear. The male was seen putting a dog matching the description in the back of a pickup. Red Lodge officer responded.
15:33  Motor Vehicle
Shorey Rd / HWY 212
2 vehicle crash / unk injuries / road blockage in one lane / Fire/EMS / MHP / Deputy responded.
Animal Lost / Found Pet                                         
Red Lodge
A friendly stray brown hound dog is running around caller's street. It’s not being aggressive.
18:06  Hit and Run                                         
Rockvale / HWY 310
A blue semi pulled around the parking lot and it hit a small blue tractor. It left headed sb on Hwy 310. Bridger officer located semi got it back to Rockvale.  Drivers exchanged info.
11/30/2017  -  Thursday
Traffic Hazard                                      
By KOA Campground
- HWY 212
There is a huge buck laying in the sb lane on HWY 212.  RL officer responded.
09:43  Assist Other Agency                                      
The rail road arms are down and will not go back up. BNSF notified / will send someone out.
10:50  Controlled Burn                                        
a bush is on fire / is close to a building / Jol Fire responded / was a pile of rubbish.
11:45  Motor Vehicle Crash                                       
MM 30-31 HWY 310
2 vehicle crash / possible injuries / Fire/EMS, MHP, deputy, Bridger off. Resp.
12:37  Civil Stand-by                                          
Joliet area
A civil stand-by requested while parties look at some cattle.  There have been problems in the past involving parties.  Deputy advised.
15:10     Fire-Wildland                                    
Fromberg area
Caller’s control burn out of control with the wind / their tree is on fire, chicken coop is in area.  Fromberg Fire responded.
16:15  Suicide Attempt/Threat                              
Roberts area
Caller req check on friend that has posted a possibly suicidal post. Deputy responded.
16:17  Welfare Check                                       
Fromberg-Edgar / HWY 310
Fromberg officer rc’d report of a child walking down highway. Utl child near hwy.
19:03 Threats / Harassment                                  
Caller is receiving threatening texts from their renter. Bridger officer advised.
12/01/2017  -  Friday
Trespass Complaint                                   
Red Lodge
A male walked into a room that is not registered to him. It was his Dad’s room / everything is fine.
15:41 Threats / Harassment                                  
Red Lodge
Caller reports a male has refused to give back her phone and her keys she loaned to him.  Has made threats to her and is known to carry weapons. RL Off. spoke to caller.
21:05    Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury                                      
Red Lodge
2 vehicle fender bender / a four wheeler pulling a trailer hit the parked ambulance. RL officer responded.
23:12  Traffic Stop                                        
Roberts / HWY 212
Driver brought in on suspicion of DUI.

12/02/2017  -  Saturday
01:38  Animal Complaint-Wildlife                                    
Red Lodge
RL officer reports a fox chased him and is now sitting outside his patrol vehicle / he also had an encounter with the same fox earlier. Msg left for F&G warden / checked to make sure the wildlife sanctuary isn’t missing one.
Suspicious Activity                                    
There are cars driving around a broken down or crashed vehicle in a field. No one around it/ no luck finding owner.
Reported as Drunk Driver                                      
Red Lodge
A male left a business and is reportedly high and extremely out of it. Got into a white vehicle and left. RL off responded.
17:07 Parking                   
Red Lodge
People from the Christmas Stroll are parking in a private parking lot causing issues with workers and possible emergencies. RL officer made announcements for vehicles to be moved or will be towed.
17:29 Animal Complaint-Wildlife                                    
Red Lodge
A Fox is in front of the ER doors. It’s not afraid of humans.  F&G Warden notified / RL Officer responded.  UTL the fox.  Deputy located fox near Zip Trip.  People adv to stay away from it.
18:11   Parking                  
Red Lodge
Vehicle blocking bay to RLPD.  Tow requested / ro showed up to move it / tow canceled / citation issued.
20:26 Suspicious Activity                                    
Red Lodge
Report of some kids playing around a fire with no adults present.  RL Officer responded. A lot of people were around the fire / everything is fine.
20:41    Parking                   
Red Lodge
A truck is parked in front of the bus barn/ RL officer responded/ unable to contact ro. Citation issued / vehicle towed.
22:01 Threats / Harassment                                  
HWY 308
Caller’s ex-girlfriend parked behind him in RL and is now following him on Hwy 308 to his home. Deputies, MHP responded.
12/03/2017  -  Sunday
03:07  Fire- Structure                                   
Roberts area
Caller reports plastic burning and smoke coming up from the crawl space/dep., Roberts Fire resp. Problem water pump wiring.  
08:14  Motor Vehicle Crash                                       
Vehicle roll over/ no one around / veh. in creek/ dep., DES, MHP.  Driver located. 
09:10 Vandalism                 
Red Lodge
A drunk male broke caller’s back door earlier this morning saying he lived at 438 / male then left. Damage to her door.
15:42 Welfare Check                                       
Caller req check on her adult daughter / went to collect belongings from her boyfriend. She is fine.
16:43  Traffic Complaint                                   
Bearcreek Hill - HWY 308
Caller is having trouble making the Bearcreek Hill. Road conditions are bad. DOT Notified.
17:13 Assist Other Agency                                      
Columbus - HWY 10 MM 12
Stillwater SAR req personnel for rescue of 2 males on jet boat stranded on sandbar. Needing a watercraft can deploy at night.
20:41 Reported As Drunk
NB HWY 310
A very intoxicated man stopped at caller's house looking for directions to Laurel. 

12/04/2017  -  Monday
01:11  Motor Veh. Crash,
MM 20 HWY 310
MHP trooper located a slide off crash while enroute to another slide off / no one around.
Threats / Harassment   
Red Lodge area
Caller’s neighbor is constantly watching them / following them / showing up places they are at.  Deputy spoke to both parties.
16:11  Animal Complaint-
Deputy rc’d a call about a deer stuck in a fence / was able to cut the wire and get the deer out.
19:07  Animal Complaint-Domestic                                    
Caller reports what looks like a wolf sniffing around the apartments. Deputy spoke to caller / the dog had a collar on.
22:38 Suspicious Activity                                    
Red Lodge
Someone is banging on caller’s front door. RP is afraid.  RL Off and Dep. responded.   
23:52  Suspicious Activity                                    
Red Lodge
A middle aged woman just walked into caller's house. She said that she was cold.  She was told to leave, she did.  Deputy / RL Officer responded / located woman / gave ride to her home.


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