Police Blotter 12.14.17

12/05/2017  -  Tuesday

01:35 Animal Complaint-Wildlife 
FOX SIGHTING                                       
Red Lodge / near Town Pump
Another fox sighting reported / It came within 10 ft of RP and then it took off on the back road towards NAPA. RL Officer advised.
02:14   Disturbance                       
Red Lodge
The upstairs neighbor is "out of sorts"/ knocked on caller’s door.  Caller told her to go back to her apartment.  Neighbor stomping/pacing.  RL officer resp.
14:30 Fire- Odor Investigation                         
Caller adv they are smelling an odor that appears to be coming from the ceiling area.  Caller does not see smoke or flames, smells like something may be smoldering.  Jol Fire & deputy responded.
15:21 Lost/Found Property                                            
Red Lodge
A ring was found at the park on Saturday of the Christmas stroll, was given to RLPD to hold in case someone reports one missing.
22:05    Suspicious Activity                                           
An older male is getting into different vehicles, including caller’s. They saw him take something out of a pickup. When confronted he said he ran out of gas and was looking for a gas can.  Male left in a dark colored minivan. MHP, Deputies responded to area, UTL.
22:53 Threats/Harassment                
Caller reports a male keeps threatening her / making numerous calls a day / won’t leave her alone. Caller doesn’t want response from Deputy / wants male to stop harassing her.  Deputy adv.
12/06/2017  -  Wednesday

Animal Complaint-Domestic                                        
Red Lodge
A Bloodhound is continuously running around loose. Caller has two Bloodhounds and gets calls from people thinking it's hers. Caller knows where the dog lives but not owner’s name. There has been a warning issued previously.  RL officer adv.
11:39    Traffic Hazard
 W Fork Rd
A truck pulling a trailer is stuck on the road blocking both lanes. Driver is in truck with foot on the brake / road is extremely icy.  Dep. resp., req more sand put down.
11:48  Traffic Complaint                                           
Red Lodge
A blue pickup almost hit the ambulance and a DES vehicle.  RL officer advised.
15:02 Traffic Hazard
Cooney Road
Caller reports Cooney Road is extremely slick. Message left for road crew.
16:41   Domestic Disturbance
Disturbance reported between a male and female. Officers responded / parties separated. 
Traffic Complaint                                                
Roberts rest area / HWY 212
A red truck is swerving between fog line and center line/ passing where it shouldn't.  Information broadcast.
21:56  Animal Complaint-Wildlife   
BOBCAT SIGHTING                                     
Bridger area
Caller has a young bobcat trapped in his chicken coop after it killed one of his chickens.  Was adv to call F&G Warden.
12/07/2017  -  Thursday
09:09  Threats / Harassment
Caller’s sister’s ex boyfriend is harassing her. Dep. resp.
19:47  Animal Complaint-Wildlife
FOX SIGHTING                                        
Red Lodge
A fox is getting very close to people in the Beartooth Market parking lot. RL officer resp.
19:57  Citizen Assist                                              
Fromberg area / HWY 310
Caller requests assistance moving 400 head of cattle across the highway. Deputy advised.
21:49   Traffic Complaint                                           
Caller almost got hit by 2 different vehicles as they were walking on the sidewalk.  Deputies
12/08/2017  -  Friday

01:37    Traffic Stop                                                
Driver not DUI but deputy found drugs and drug para. 
11:42 Suspicious Activity                                            
Out of County/ WY
A male is lying on his back on the side of the highway/ 3 people and a mini-van were close / WY HP notified.
11:47             Vandalism 
 Red Lodge
A pillar by caller’s garage doors was hit and damaged while he was away/RL officer responded.
21:42   Domestic Disturbance                                         
A male and female are having a heated argument / nothing physical yet.  Officers responded.  Parties separated.

12/09/2017  -  Saturday

08:20             Traffic Control                                             
Deputies & Fromberg Fire assisted in moving cattle across hwy / BNSF notified to hold train traffic for an hour. 
08:33  Larceny/Forgery/Fraud
Some checks have been written on caller’s account / has a name / deputy responded.
12:08 Traffic Complaint   
MM 16 HWY 78 WB
2 people are shooting out the windows of a Dodge pickup / information broadcast.
15:56 Traffic Complaint                                           
NB Fox to Roberts / HWY 212
A dk blue pickup loaded with rough-cut pine is driving approx 90 mph.  Is passing on solid lines.  Almost hit another vehicle head on.  Deputy responded / UTL
23:28  Domestic Disturbance
DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE                     
Caller’s daughter is out of control, req assistance / officers responded.
12/10/2017  -  Sunday
 00:22 Suspicious Activity                                           
Red Lodge                                
An intoxicated male was sitting on caller’s porch yelling profanities / then started wandering around in front of the house / he is alone.  RL officer responded / UTL.
01:16     Disturbance                       
Red Lodge
A male acquaintance is freaking out at caller’s home / destroying things / RL officer and MHP trooper responded / male was arrested. 
22:22 Missing Person                                              
Edgar area
Caller’s brothers called and said they were broken down and needed help.  Caller responded but couldn’t get to them.  Brothers said they saw their lights and would walk to them 3 hours ago.  Deputy was able to call brother / he is fine / he was adv to call caller.
12/11/2017  -  Monday
04:33 Motor Vehicle Crash                                              
Red Lodge area / HWY 212
A pickup rolled in front of the KOA / Caller can’t see anyone around / second call stating a lady that was in a wreck came to their door / not doing well.  RL officer, MHP / Fire and EMS responded.


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