Police Blotter 12.28.17

12/19/2017 -  Tuesday
Caller reports the theft of items from his property in Joliet. Deputy responded.
Caller broke up with her boyfriend / has asked him to stop but he keeps calling/texting.  Deputy spoke to both parties.
Someone cut wires at one of the company sites in Belfry/ deputy responded.
A male with a Red Lodge warrant came into the court house / arrested / transported to YCDF.
12/20/2017 -  Wednesday
Black pickup has been parked and running in the parking lot for over an hour / req check on occupant. Red Lodge officer responded.
A deer needs to be dispatched on Highway 72/ it is bleeding out and is bedded down in a field on the w side of the road.
Bearcreek Hill is extremely icy.  Vehicles are having difficulty driving up the hill. DOT advised.
A hound dog was walking on caller’s property in Red Lodge.  She has it in her fenced yard for now / no collar. Caller’s called back / dog got out of her fence.  Message left for possible owner.
Caller reports his Subaru outback was stolen 3 days ago in Red Lodge. Caller’s id and cards were in it. Has possible suspect. Red Lodge officer responded.
Caller found the garage door open upon his arrival in Red Lodge.  He may have opened it himself, but wasn't sure.  Nothing is missing and no foot prints in the snow.  
2 vehicle crash / SUV vs semi on Highway 72.  Air bags deployed in SUV with 2 occupants.  No road blockage.  Belfry fire/EMS Bridger officer / MHP responded.
Bridger deputy arrested a male on a billings warrant / transported to YCFD.
Deputy reports a jackknifed semi in the ditch / MHP reports another jackknife at mm 79 between Joliet and Roberts.
Caller’s spouse has been in the house for over an hour, was watching on the camera. Deputy responded / adv the divorce isn’t final, spouse can be there.  Deputy spoke to caller.
Deputy reports a school bus slid off S. Whitehorse Road. Not fully blocking road / traffic can get by.  Working on getting a wrecker and another bus there.
Deputy reports a van in the ditch on Highway 308 / no damage. Road is starting to drift over. 
Onstar call reporting car vs deer non injury on Highway 212.  No road blockage / vehicle not driveable / deputy responded /  MHP req white form.
A male is out hitch-hiking in this weather on Highway 212 / he was difficult for caller to see / no wrecked vehicles visible in the area. 
Caller reports her boyfriend assaulted her. She left the residence / officer responded. 
Caller slid off the road Highway 212 and Highway 310 and got stuck at Rockvale. No injuries or damage to vehicle / has a wrecker on the way.
Caller would like assistance finding his girlfriend / she was living by Belfry but thinks she’s now living in a Billings homeless center / he is a trucker and out of the area.  Deputy advised.
Caller in Bridger feels threatened / she and another female have been in an altercation.  No weapons involved.  Deputy responded / caller taken to another residence. 
12/21/2017 -  Thursday
Caller req to get S. Whitehorse road sanded again to make sure the bus doesn’t slide off the road again. Road crew will send a truck out.
A pickup slid off Highway 212. No injuries. Air bags did not deploy. Deputy responded / driver was able to get out.
Caller slid off into a barbwire fence on Highway 212. No injuries.  Deputy and MHP responded.
Caller req deputy contact his ex girlfriend and assist in getting some of his belongings back.  Deputy advised.
Caller found a German wire-haired pointer dog at the Beartooth Market. She thought it was her friends dog but it wasn’t. Dog brought back to parking lot / owner located.
Caller’s 2 sons are ice climbing / winter camping / due back on Saturday. Were sending a locate each day but caller hasn't rc'd one since Tuesday. Last ping was S. of Red Lodge, they were supposed to be on E. Rosebud / deputy responded / located vehicle at E. Rosebud. Caller is ok with info / that is where they are supposed to be.
Caller in Bridger is calling for friend that has lost her phone / she got a ride from a deputy and is wondering if it had been found. Deputy checked and located phone in the car / phone returned. 
A small buck in Edgar is reportedly staggering around in a field.  Caller is concerned it may be either injured or have a disease.  FWP warden advised and will call caller.
A neighbor in Roberts got evicted and has possibly left her dog behind / caller doesn’t believe she is coming back for it.  Deputy reports owner is still living in town and dog is at the new location.
12/22/2017 -  Friday
Deputy responded for a stand-by in Belfry while a male got his belongings out of a residence.   
Caller in Bridger reports a gun being stolen from his house.  Deputy responded and took report
Caller in Roberts reports 2 guns missing from his home. Has a suspect. Deputy responded and took report.   
Jeep vs semi crash / there is road blockage / non injury / Bridger officer, deputy, MHP and Bridger fire responded / dot requested for sand.
A female was assaulted / male is intoxicated/ no weapons / officer responded / male charged and removed.
Slide off in Bridger/ no damages or injuries/ Bridger officer responded.
12/23/2017 -  Saturday
DOT reports one of their plows missed a turn and is stuck with the front half of the plow blocking the NB lane in Roberts.  Deputies responded for traffic control.   
Caller’s daughter is being harassed and threatened by her husband who is in Texas.  Deputy advised.
A group of people by a residence in Joliet are causing problems/ deputy spoke to caller and responded.
3 semi trucks are transporting oversized loads with no hazards on near Joliet/ Caller doesn’t think they should be doing this at night/ MHP advised.
Caller reports a possible drunk driver in a silver car near Fromberg / car is all over the road and varying speeds/ Bridger officer and deputy responded / driver brought in on suspicion of DUI.
12/24/2017 -  Sunday
Caller in Joliet reports some kids peaking in her windows and were on the roof again / deputy advised.
Caller req check on neighbor / his vehicle has been running for about 4 hours now. Red Lodge officer responded / everything is fine / neighbor fell asleep while waiting for the battery to charge.
Caller lost a black female malamute/husky mix dog in Bridger. One blue and one brown eye, no collar, she's been gone since Friday.
A male was screaming and banging on the wall in his room / he caused damage before he left. He was reportedly highly intoxicated and left in a vehicle / Red Lodge officers and deputies responded. 
One vehicle rollover / Roberts fire / Red Lodge EMS / help flight / deputies and MHP responded.
Caller req check on a female that he gave a ride / she was intoxicated and fell and hit her head. Red Lodge officer responded / she has a bump on her head but is ok.


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