Police Blotter

04/16/2018 -  Monday

09:29 Theft Silesia area Someone took a skid steer / believe they have located it in billings.

10:31 Vandalism Red Lodge Someone painted graffiti on caller’s door sometime over the weekend. A business building had the same graffiti painted on it.

12:54 Fire- vehicle


Roberts area A trailer and the building next to it are on fire.

17:30 Annoying phone calls /text Red Lodge Caller is receiving phone calls from a previous customer that caused damage. Calling about 20 times a day.

18:00 Animal abuse/neglect Laurel area of Carbon County Some calves are reportedly not being fed and one is stuck in a hay ring.

18:29 Traffic complaint Joliet Some teenagers are driving a 4 wheeler recklessly up and down the streets in Joliet. This is an ongoing problem.

21:37 Traffic complaint SB Rockvale / HWY 310 A dark gray, jacked up pickup was driving down in the barrow pit then back onto the hwy and then back into the barrow pit.

04/17/2018 -  Tuesday

00:27 Assist other agency SB from Laurel / HWY 310 A Laurel officer is in pursuit of a white car with WY plates. Male driver has a Felony no bond warrant from MHP. Req assistance.

11:22 Fire- other Red Lodge Caller hit a gas line in her backyard when she was digging. Gas is pouring out.

17:49 Area check Roberts Req for extra patrol to stop kids from tearing up the parking lot after sports practice.

18:11 Suspicious activity Red Lodge A female tried to pay with a fake $20 bill. Same thing occurred at another business last night. 19:41 Reported as drunk driver HWY 310 Caller’s husband has been drinking and she wants to report him / possibly headed for Red Lodge.

04/18/2018 -  Wednesday

09:31 Welfare check Laurel area Caller req a welfare check on her brother / she is concerned about him / adv he drinks a lot.

17:12 Suspicious activity Joliet A door to door salesman came to caller’s house / he seemed suspicious. Says he’s with a Constitutional group inviting people to a seminar.

18:03 Domestic disturbance Caller’s father won't leave / is being belligerent and starting to get physical.

20:29 Animal- lost/found pet Red Lodge Creek Rd A male collie showed up at caller’s hours / it has a collar, but no tags. He will keep it for the night.

04/19/2018 -  Thursday

07:29 Vandalism Belfry The window in caller’s car was broken out sometime last night. Nothing from inside is missing.

13:54 Threats/harassment Joliet Deputy out with boys making inappropriate gestures and bothering someone.

17:55 Runaway juvenile Fromberg Female juvenile left after an argument / ATL broadcast. Juvenile located.

20:41 Disturbance Belfry area Caller’s son is upset with him and is making threats. Son has a valid YC warrant. Caller is not home and will stay away.

23:01 Citizen contact Red Lodge Officers were helping a man moving something and found drugs.

04/20/2018 -  Friday

12:08 Theft Red Lodge area Someone stole mail out of caller’s mailbox yesterday. Took items out of a box and left the empty box.

16:48 Suspicious activity Red Lodge A male is standing on the sidewalk and keeps staring at the caller's house.

17:34 Animal- lost/found pet Fromberg Caller’s black/white border collie has been missing for two weeks. He has a red and gray collar; no tags.

17:45 General info Bridger area A deputy was adv that a group of 10 people will be raccoon hunting this evening. They will be running with dogs at various places around the valley.

23:36 Fire other


West of Edgar Caller sees a fire / he smells smoke. The flames are large and in a line. There are vehicles with red flashing lights there. No burns activated on map.Deputy smells smoke /UTL any fire.

04/21/2018 -  Saturday

06:13 Larceny/forgery/fraud Fromberg area Someone has obtained caller’s credit cards and is making unauthorized purchases. Rc’d fraud alerts and shut the cards off. Somehow they keep getting turned back on. 09:48 Annoying phone calls/text Red Lodge A female repeatedly calls and harasses caller. They have 14 to 15 messages from last night.

10:39 Welfare check Roberts area Caller req check on her daughter / the landlord showed up without prearrangement and is going through their stuff. Daughter is very upset.

11:23 Citizen contact Red Lodge Officer is checking on a report that someone might be camping by the creek behind the high school.

15:25 Suspicious activity Laurel area Several people ran out of an abandoned house in the area / got in vehicles and took off.

17:36 Disturbance Roberts A male is running around outside yelling and screaming. Deputies responded / UTL.

19:44 Suspicious activity Red Lodge area Caller heard their garage door open. They looked and saw a white pickup with 3 or 4 males in it. When the driver noticed caller they took off. Caller got a plate number.

22:47 Suspicious activity Bridger area / HWY 72 There are some spotlights around/near the fishing access area tonight and last night. There are coon dogs with them. She is worried about possible damage to equipment by stray shots. They are near some horses in a field.

04/22/2018 -  Sunday

08:20 Civil dispute Joliet area Someone (not a county grader) is grading caller’s private driveway and taking about 2 feet of dirt on each side of the road. 09:40 Fire- wildland


Joliet area A control burn is out of control; closest structure is about 1/4 mile away.

12:40 Motor vehicle crash Red Lodge Caller and friend were riding a side by side. His friends arm was out and got pinched between a tree and the side by side.

22:27 Fire- wildland


Roberts 2-3 ft flames reported all over in a field at a neighbor's property. Caller doesn’t know if he is home. No active burns on the map. It was a controlled burn that was unreported and left unattended.


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