Police Blotter

Thursday, June 28, 2018

06/18/2018 - Monday  

11:35 A manhole has a lot of water coming out of it and is lifting the lid up a bit. Red Lodge Public Works notified.

12:19 Caller req check on her sister to make sure she is okay.

13:20 A female told caller from Bridger she got her pit bull puppy from someone in the area. Caller believes the owner raises them for fighting dogs and uses goats for bait. Deputy adv call unfounded.

16:02 A funnel cloud is reportedly coming down near Highway 310 / hasn’t hit the ground yet. Headed north.

16:45 Caller in Bearcreek believes that someone has been letting her pit bull dog out while she is gone.

19:05 In Bridger a neighbor yelled at caller, then spit on her and when she got home found that someone has opened her door and threw in some plywood boards.

19:34 Received call from Vista Point / male said "the gate on the Wyoming side is closed, what do we do?" Was advised to come back to Red Lodge. Deputy responded / found a family from Utah at the state line / will camp there for the night. They were adv of the weather expected.

21:29 One of caller's tires has been slashed in Bridger

21:41 A female is reportedly getting beat up. Officer responded.

22:30 Deputy received report of a crash/ slide off at the intersection of Highway 72 and Highway 310. Deputy adv they were able to drive out.

06/19/2018 - Tuesday

01:40 Deer vs vehicle by Bridger rest area, Highway 310 / non injury / vehicle is not driveable / caller left the scene.

02:14 Request for assist with pursuit of a vehicle on Pryor Road / driver is a male that has warrants.

09:11 A pickup is in the ditch on East Bench Road. No one around it / sheriff adv no damage to fence or vehicle.

09:46 Report of a pit bull dog bite requiring 2 stitches, happened in Belfry. 14:15 People are reportedly enroute to caller's house in Roberts. Caller doesn't want them there. Suspects notified of no trespass.

14:37 A yellow lab was running on Highway 212 near Roberts. Close by caller found a German shepherd that had been hit and deceased on the side of the road.

18:13 A male fell on his face on the sidewalk in Bridger / got up and got into a truck and drove off / then parked. Deputies adv male has a sober driver.

06/20/18 -  Wednesday

09:10 Caller reports the possibility of drugs having been in a rental property in Bridger.

13:25 Caller believes there has been some theft on his property in Joliet in the past few days. Knows a possible suspect.

06/21/2018 - Thursday

09:49 An elderly female is hitch hiking down a street in Joliet.

10:49 Someone in a truck was shooting off the side of the road on Tuesday night in Joliet/ next day caller found her cat was shot.

13:40 A male has written NSF checks at Limberpine Campground.

14:06 Traffic complaint Red Lodge A male is on a 4-wheeler with children not wearing helmets.

06/22/18 - Friday

06:49 A white pickup is parked at the end of caller's driveway on Boyd Cooney Dame Road / a male in it appears to be passed out in it.

11:22 Caller found a pistol along a trail near Red Lodge. Pistol entered in NCIC.

14:42 Caller reports the theft of some items from her home in Red Lodge.

20:02 A Deputy saw someone fall on a motor bike in Fromberg/ attempted to check on the driver but they took off. Located and spoke to children.

21:24 Large flames and smoke reported coming from Belfry area. Caller saw a white truck speeding up the road. No active controlled burns shown.

23:29 Caller keeps hearing several shots somewhere in Fromberg. Low caliber semi auto and one rifle shot.

06/23/2018 - Saturday

05:30 A raccoon was laying by caller's backdoor in Fromberg then went into her carport and hasn't left yet.

11:14 Laurel PD req ATL a stolen pickup seen speeding S toward Red Lodge. Pickup located ATL cancelled.

12:00 Caller is concerned about her friend that is in an abusive relationship. She is not answering the phone.

15:59 Caller in Joliet trapped a young skunk who has been hanging around his house. He doesn’t want to kill it or anything. FWP notified.

19:42 Newer bright blue Subaru with temporary plates is speeding, nearing 60 mph near Two Mile Bridge Road. Has been doing this for the past week or so. Info put out for extra patrol.

22:22 Caller’s 65lb short white/brown male dog got out in Joliet. Has a collar with owner info.

22:31 A party at a red house on the corner has been going on for a while. Caller is now hearing a man and woman screaming. They are standing in the street. Male transported to YCDF.

06/24/2018 - Sunday

00:48 A male in a black Dodge pickup in the Roberts area was following caller very closely. Would not pass when caller slowed down. Caller pulled over and driver started an argument because caller’s headlight was out. Caller left and male followed him a bit farther then turned around.

08:48 A homeless man scared caller’s fiancé in Fromberg. He came to the house and asked for money. Then made an inappropriate comment to her. She locked the screen door. He attempted to open the door. Was told to leave. He left.

14:39 A tan SUV is going 35-45 mph along Highway 310 and is having a hard time maintaining its lane. Deputy stopped vehicle / not DUI but she was cranky.

22:08 Caller’s husband was in his vehicle in Red Lodge when a man w/ scraggly salt and pepper hair walked up to his window and stared at him, husband asked how he was doing / no answer just stared.


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