Police Blotter

01/29/2018 -  Monday

07:00 Auto Theft


Red Lodge Caller’s Toyota was taken sometime last night. RL Officer responded. Vehicle entered NCIC / ATL sent. A male reports his key and Fob opened and started the reported vehicle, he has it and now realizes it isn’t his. Vehicle returned to owner/ Male’s vehicle still parked downtown.

10:04 Larceny/Forgery/Fraud Joliet area Someone set up an account on caller’s phone. Deputy responded. Nothing was taken from caller, given the MT Fraud Hot Line number.

11:35 Suspicious Activity Fromberg A female is reportedly yelling at the sky and taking video on her phone. Caller req welfare check. Sheriff responded.

14:55 Citizen Contact Joliet area Caller saw someone get assaulted on Snap Chat / Deputy adv the victim will need to report the incident.

15:05 Burglary


Red Lodge Caller’s residence was broken into, items missing. RL Officer responded.

01/30/2018 -  Tuesday

07:47 Traffic Complaint Bearcreek HWY 308 A male teenage driver passed caller outside of Bearcreek / going over 80 mph. Has happened 2 days. RL officer stopped vehicle / spoke to driver and parent.

07:59 Bad Check Roberts area Caller sold a team of horses to a male that wrote her a check. Returned NSF. Has attempted to work with male but has been unable to collect. Adv to contact her local law enf. in ND, where check written.

11:32 Warrant Service Joliet area Information rc’d of active warrant on male. Deputy responded / male arrested / transported to YCDF.

12:01 Welfare Check Joliet area Caller saw some children playing on a county rd. Deputy responded.

01/31/2018 -  Wednesday

06:31 Motor Veh. Slide-Off Roberts area / HWY 212 Caller slid off of the road and is in the barrow pit. Tow truck responded.

09:45 Theft


Red Lodge Rl officer rc’d report of someone dumping garbage in a dumpster without permission.

20:30 Threats / Harassment


Fromberg Caller rc’d some threatening text messages and phone calls / deputy responded.

21:21 Suspicious Activity Red Lodge A vehicle has been stopped for quite awhile with the motor running / the person inside is either asleep or passed out. Rl officer responded.

02/01/2018 -  Thursday

07:04 Fire- Structure Edgar / Joliet area / HWY 310 Caller reports a small fire that is close to a building. Edgar Fire, Bridger Ambulance, Joliet Fire and deputy responded.

09:05 Suspicious Activity Red Lodge Someone put an animal trap in caller’s yard without their permission. RL officer responded.

12:38 Animal Complaint-Wildlife Red Lodge A turkey has a hurt foot and is suffering. FWP notified.

17:58 Welfare Check Rockvale Area Caller requested a welfare check on a female. Deputies and ambulance responded.

21:34 Fire- Structure Fromberg Caller’s chicken coop is on fire and there are 2 structures close by. Deputy, Fromberg Fire, Bridger Fire / EMS responded.

02/02/2018 -  Friday 

00:53 Domestic Disturbance


Caller reports being abused / has asked other residents to leave / officers responded.

12:10 Traffic Hazard Fromberg A snowmobile reportedly falling off a moving truck and trailer. MHP advised. Caller called back / they got the driver to pull over and re-secure his snowmobile.

12:22 Lost/Found Property Red Lodge A credit card was left in a taxi / turned into the sheriff’s office. Owner notified / picked up card.

14:31 Theft Roberts Caller put up a new fence recently, and someone has taken part of it down. Deputy advised.

22:46 Domestic Disturbance


Caller req assist with problem with underage child. Officers responded.

02/03/2018 -  Saturday

00:23 Citizen Contact Roberts Area Caller is concerned about a party she heard about. Deputies responded. 10:18 Fire- Structure


Red Lodge Alarm Company reports a fire alarm at a business. RL Fire responded and contained an open fire located in the laundry room.

11:50 Welfare Check Fromberg A female was spotted walking around with a knife in hand. Deputies responded.

16:11 Reported As Drunk Driver Red Lodge Caller saw a person stumbling down a sidewalk, get into a vehicle and drive away. RL officer resp./UTL.

02/04/2018 -  Sunday

02:18 Citizen Contact Joliet area Deputy rc’d report from a female that fell and needed medical attention. Deputies and Joliet EMS responded / located female.

08:57 Vandalism Red Lodge A vandal knocked down all the trash cans in an alleyway and also did damage to a parked vehicle. RL officer responded.

12:32 Lost/Found Property Red Lodge A worn leather with “Montana” and horses etched into it is lost.

13:28 Disturbance


Bridger Caller reports two males fighting. Bridger PD responded. Caller called back / the men stopped fighting and went back to their homes.

16:44 Burglary


Carbon County While away, caller’s locked house was broken into / stuff was moved around and there’s some water damage. Nothing is missing. Deputy responded / some pipes burst and things were moved around in the clean up process. Nothing criminal involved.

20:20 Noise Complaint Fromberg Rec’d several calls about a loud bang in the area. Deputies responded to the area / UTL. Nothing was found or heard again.

22:57 Motorist Assist A vehicle got stuck in a snow berm / deputies brought driver in on suspicion of DUI.


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