Police Blotter

02/05/2018  -  Monday  

01:06 Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury HWY 212 Deer ran into the side of a deputy’s patrol unit. No visible damage.

05:24 Traffic Hazard HWY 212 A dead deer reported in SB lane about .5 mile N of hospital.

10:03 Animal- Lost/Found Pet Red Lodge Caller’s gray w/whi paws cat is missing since Friday. Has a purple collar.

13:02 Animal Complaint-Wildlife Red Lodge A deer was reported as all tore up. RL Officer located/dispatched deer.

16:35 Motor Vehicle Crash HWY 212 Multi vehicle crash. One fatality / others injured.

17:54 Suspicious Activity Bridger A male crossed the hwy 3 times without warning to vehicles and is almost causing accidents. Appears to be impaired.

18:24 Traffic Complaint HWY 212 A vehicle is in front of caller and continues to slam on its brakes.NB almost to Boyd.

20:18 Animal Complaint-Wildlife HWY 212 A deer got hit / is still alive / needs dispatched caller kept going.

02/06/2018  -  Tuesday

09:09 Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury HWY 78 MM 9-10 Caller’s fence has been damaged / not sure who did it. Caller found out who did it and they have agreed to fix the fence.

15:15 Warrant Service Billings arrested someone on a Bridger warrant.

15:30 Vandalism RL officer requested a call opened for a vandalism.

16:29 Lost/Found Property A wallet was found with id in it.RL officer picked the wallet up.

18:35 Suspicious Activity Caller is hearing noises and thinks someone is inside. There were no tracks in the snow and nothing suspicious located in the area.

19:12 Motorist Assist Near Belfry 4 people and 3 dogs are stranded with no gas, trying to get back to Billings. A can of gas provided to get them going.

20:37 Area Check Red Lodge A disgruntled individual peeled out headed S / req for officer to check area.

21:35 Warrant Service A deputy stopped a vehicle / served warrants on both occupants / both taken to YCDF.

02/07/2018  -  Wednesday

00:56 Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury A deputy hit a deer in patrol unit. Has both headlights and vehicle is drivable / no sign of the deer.

05:20 Warrant Service Goshen County WY Detention Facility Deputy served a warrant and transported prisoner to MT.

09:51 Animal Complaint-Domestic 2 Corgi mix dogs are out and running at large in Joliet / they might get into some sheep.

13:36 Animal Complaint-Domestic A deputy responded to check on 2 Pitbulls that were out chasing people in Fromberg. Got them back home / owner was not there.

16:49 Civil Dispute A property dispute reported over a snow blower. Property returned to owner.

17:12 Scams A male called caller saying he was from the Social Security Administration and was letting the caller know that since his SS number was compromised he now has a warrant in Texas.

22:31 Animal Complaint-Domestic The neighbor's dogs are barking again in Roberts and caller is tired of it.

22:49 Assist Other Agency Pryor A pursuit possibly headed to Pryor / our deputies assisting.

02/08/2018  -  Thursday

08:28 Lost/Found Property Red Lodge Caller misplaced her medication yesterday/last night. She checked with places she went and they haven’t found anything. Medication located / returned.

15:04 Scams A person claiming to be the IRS said the caller owes them money and they have a warrant for her arrest for not paying.

19:35 Suspicious Activity Roberts area A white van is stopped on the side of the road. The lights were on then turned off as someone passed by – then turned back on. MHP checked, they’re just travelers pulled over to camp out.

02/09/2018  -  Friday

09:48 Scams Someone sent RP a fake check to purchase some furniture. They are now sending emails to make arrangements to pick it up.

11:44 Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury Red Lodge Someone run into caller’s trailer at an intersection. No injuries.

12:49 Animal Abuse/Neglect Laurel area of CC Caller thinks some calves are not tall enough to reach the hay and some ducks have no food or shelter, doesn’t think they look weak or thin but they look “water logged”. Animals are taken care of. Call unfounded.

14:11 Suspicious Activity Fromberg A male was walking across caller’s property and in the ditch, when asked what he was doing he stated “just walking through”. Is no longer on the property.

17:19 Motor Vehicle Crash Two Mile Bridge Rd One vehicle rollover / no injuries.

19:53 Suspicious Activity Red Lodge Caller can see a red light from Two Mile Bridge Road looking west / she isn't sure if it is a car in the ditch or the construction workers equipment. It was the alarm for the float control lift station for the city septic.

21:39 Traffic Hazard Joliet A dead deer is in the road and a dog is eating on it.

21:49 Traffic Hazard N Dry Creek Rd A pickup is parked in the middle of the road. No one around. Vehicle towed.

02/10/2018  -  Saturday

12:40 Parking Red Lodge A vehicle is parked in a location that may be a hazard, caller almost hit it. Owner was told to move to a better location.

17:45 Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury MM 15 HWY78 There is a Suburban type vehicle in the ditch/no one around.

17:54 Disturbance Red Lodge A male and female having an argument at the Town Pump / it's the occupants of the vehicle that slid off the rd in prior call. Sister was mad at brother for loosing control on the ice.

20:11 Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury HWY 212 Caller hit a sheet of ice and hit a pole and it went through the bottom of her car/ no injury / air bags didn't go off.

20:20 Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury Cooney area / Garnet Blvd Caller called for friends that slid off the road / are almost out of gas.

23:36 Motor Veh. Slide-Off Red Lodge A vehicle is in the ditch on N Broadway. Driver brought in on suspicion of DUI.

02/11/2018  -  Sunday

01:17 Motor Vehicle Crash Between MM20-21 - HWY 78 One vehicle rollover a pickup is on its side, driver is not sure he can get out.

01:36 Traffic Hazard Roberts rest area - US HWY 212 Deputy reports the snow drifts at the rest area and through MM 86-89 are built up pretty bad and need cleared out. DOT notified.

02:13 Auto Theft Red Lodge Caller reports his pickup stolen from a side street between 23:00-02:00.Vehicle located locked, parked and undamaged on Broadway.

06:39 Suspicious Activity Red Lodge Two people were sleeping in the ATM entryway of a Bank. They left but caller didn’t see which way they went.

10:22 Disturbance Rockvale A woman is making a scene at the business. She is demanding food with no money to pay for it. She wants to trade a set of longhorns for it.

13:06 Traffic Complaint HWY 308 A blue car passed in a no passing zone at the bottom of the Bearcreek Hill EB. Bridger Officer stopped vehicle at the Senior Center.

13:39 Traffic Hazard Joliet Fromberg Rd and Carbonado Rd A semi is parked in the middle of the road. No one around / it needs to be removed today.

18:46 Animal- Lost/Found Pet Bridger / Cemetery Rd 2 dogs were loose by the cemetery a dark bro/blk Aussie w/ long hair -it ran towards town, other is with caller and is a blk/ whi Border Collie mix – no tail.

21:57 Animal Complaint -Wildlife Red Lodge / HWY 212 A deer is injured on the east side of HWY across from the vet clinic.


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