Police Blotter

02/19/2018 - Monday

09:36 A female is walking down the side of Highway 310 near Fromberg who appeared to be talking to herself. A welfare check is requested

11:42 Caller requesting to talk to an officer in regards to a dispute with his neighbor.

12:41 Caller reports a male assaulted her last night/ he is at the residence now, in another room.

13:59 A vehicle slid off Ski Run Road and there is property damage to a fence. Driver had no drivers license and a warrant in Indiana.

’ They won t extradite.

14:55 Caller drove by without stopping and called in reporting a crash on Highway 310. Unknown if there are injuries. Fire and EMS paged. Fire responder adv no injuries, no damage to vehicle and it is not a hazard. They have assistance coming.

15:21 Caller in Edgar has rc’d 2 calls from a North Dakota number / a female with broken English made threats to kill him.

17:29 There is a good-sized pool of red liquid on the ground / caller is not sure what it is. Deputy adv it’s likely hydraulic fluid or something of that nature.

17:50 Red Lodge. A private truck with a plow is purposely plowing caller’s vehicle in. He has a witness and photos. Caller would like the city to help dig it out.

02/20/2018 - Tuesday

03:34 A male over heard a female making a threat to do damage to his vehicle in Belfry.

04:59 A male in Red Lodge is wandering around the parking lot / appears to be in a daze.

11:10 Caller in Red Lodge reporting the theft of keys to his vehicle. Believes he knows who did it.

11:37 Red Lodge officer req deputy assistance in speaking to a female. 16:24 A deer is stuck in the fence and appears to possibly have broken both back legs on Two Mile Bridger Road.

21:08 Caller hit a deer near Joliet / no damage to the vehicle, but the deer needs to be dispatched.

02/22/2018 - Wednesday

06:47 A deer has been hit on the east side of Highway 212 / it needs to be dispatched.

07:56 A dead fawn deer is in caller’s yard. Red Lodge officer adv it was a winter-kill / removed the deer.

10:40 A vehicle is stuck in the middle of Clear Creek Road / a tractor is on the way to help get it out. County road crew sending a blade / blower.

13:26 A vehicle slid off Highway 78 / no injuries / there is fence and vehicle damage.

10:40 A vehicle on Clear Creek Road is stuck in the middle of the road / a tractor is on the way to help get it out. County road crew sending a blade / blower.

14:25 Red Lodge officer reports the missing person’s vehicle has been located on Bear Track Trail Head.

02/22/2018 - Thursday

12:10 A male called caller saying he was from dish network. She was eligible for an upgrade but first they wanted her soc# and other personal info. None was given.

12:15 Two males came into a Red Lodge business trying to return an item / were acting very suspicious.

12:20 A neighbor plowed caller’s driveway shut in Joliet. When confronted he said it wasn’t his problem.

13:42 Fs officer checking area after hearing shots fired south of Red Lodge. It was target practice going on.

16:45 An older red Chevy truck, with 2 males in it, backed up to caller’s garage in Bridger and took off when he stepped outside.

18:37 The neighbors have been trespassing on caller’s property in Bridger numerous times / ongoing problem. Deputy spoke to suspects about being charged with trespassing if they do it again.

02/23/2018 - Friday

02:03 The male that lives with caller in Joliet has locked her out of the house. He is mad that she went out with a male friend. A verbal argument is ongoing between the 2 males.

09:20 Caller’s truck in Red Lodge is stuck between gears and he’s kind of in the road. Traffic can get around him. He will let the transmission warm up and then he should be able to move it.

14:01 A truck pulled over looks like they lost a couch on Highway 212; Might be a traffic hazard. GOA

14:07 "Loud noises" are coming from upstairs and someone is beating on caller’s door. Bridger officer reports the banging was a plumber that was at the wrong house and the noise upstairs was a female coughing – she has a cold.

19:25 Deer vs vehicle / Caller drove to Roberts / not sure if deer is in the road. She has damage to her headlight and driver door.

02/24/2018 - Saturday

00:20 Caller is driving from Cody, Wyo. enroute to Billings. The road conditions are very bad and he can barely see. While on the phone he reports conditions are getting better. He can see better now.

11:22 A male hasn’t returned items that belongs to in Roberts. He would like to charge the male with theft now. Deputy adv RP to send a list of items.

11:48 A male called caller and told her she won $2.5 million and a new car. All she had to do is mail $550 to an address in Detroit. He had caller’s address and said he could stop by and get it.


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