Police Blotter

Thursday, March 5, 2020

YCDF – 3

Gallatin County – 5

Rosebud County – 1

Broadwater County - 1


03/01/2020 – Deputy transported male to Billings Clinic ER for a Psych evaluation.


02/24/2020 - Monday 


03:52 Traffic Hazard Bridger - PETERS RD + US HIGHWAY 310

Numerous tennis shoes were in the road. Deputy removed them.


10:11 Lost/Found Property Red Lodge 

Caller reported losing a small wallet somewhere between Town Pump and The Pollard.


10:13 Motorist Assist Roberts - MOOSE TRACKS DR + US HIGHWAY 212

Deputy assisted in re-securing his load onto his trailer, and get back onto the road.


11:39 Motor Vehicle Slide-Off Roberts - US HIGHWAY 212

Trooper responded to a vehicle off the road and assisted a tow truck in removing the vehicle from the ditch safely.


12:42 Suspicious Activity Red Lodge - BROADWAY AVE S

Blood droplets on the sidewalk led officers to find a window at the Clay Center had been broken by a drunk passerby. Business owner is aware of the event and the individual.


13:01 Suspicious Activity Red Lodge 13TH ST W + HAUSER AVE S

Caller reported his vehicle, parked on Saturday, was missing.  He then located it several blocks away, and down ¼ tank of gas.


\13:51    Fraud Investigation Individual requested number for the Fraud Hotline, as he has ordered something online and not received it.


15:57 Animal Complaint-

Domestic Red Lodge             

Officer responded to a complaint of a dog being attacked by the neighbor’s dog.


17:23 Suspicious Activity Red Lodge -BROADWAY AVE S

Package received for a person with a reservation for next night, who then called and requested that package be sent to Florida.


19:21 Motor Vehicle Crash, Non-Injury Red Lodge -SKI RUN RD

Pickup and trailer were off the road and into ditch where they struck a tree. Deputy and Trooper investigated and no one was at the scene. Trooper and wrecker determined that conditions made removal at night too risky. Vehicle was safely removed the next morning.


20:59 Motor Vehicle Slide-Off Red Lodge - W FORK RD

Red Toyota off the road, but a hazard. Tow truck removed it.


02/25/2020 - Tuesday 


03:01 Welfare Check Belfry - HIGHWAY 72

Deputy checked on a vehicle pulled off the road. Driver was taking a nap, vehicle not an obstruction, and driver is fine.


04:14 Citizen Assist Bridger - S 3RD ST

Officer assisted a citizen who was cold and believed that the pilot light went out on her furnace.


10:52 Motor Vehicle Crash, Non-Injury Bridger - E BRIDGER RD

Vehicle struck deer. Little damage to either.


10:58 Abandoned Motor Vehicle Joliet - CLARKS RIVER RD

Registered owner contacted, and they reported that they sold the vehicle several years ago.


11:28 Building Check Joliet area

Deputy checked on security of buildings. 


12:54 Traffic Control Deputy assisted in directing traffic as tow truck safely removed vehicle from ditch.


25:55 Assist Other Agency Fromberg Area

Deputies assisted Trooper in attempt to locate a man with health concerns.


16:31 Traffic Hazard Laurel - US HIGHWAY 310

Caller reported a large piece of metal in the roadway. 


17:32  Animal- Lost/Found Pet Edgar

White male dog was found. Information posted on social media and owner was found.


21:21 Citizen Contact Joliet area

Several reports by concerned citizens regarding large trucks of dirt and gravel traveling late into the night. Also concern expressed that trucks may be overweight. Deputies, troopers, and DOT informed.  


02/26/2020 - Wednesday 


00:03  Alarm, Burglar False alarm


07:51 Welfare Check Joliet -N PARK ST


09:15  Abandoned Motor Vehicle Joliet - US HIGHWAY 310


10:49 Motor Vehicle Crash, Non-Injury Red Lodge - 15TH ST W + OAKES AVE S

City truck possibly hit a parked vehicle that has not been moved in 10-12 years.


12:19 Suspicious Activity Bridger - US HIGHWAY 310

Blue kayak found floating with no identifying marks.


12:25 Welfare Check Caller requested deputy check on his father.


12:37 Fraud Investigation Bridger - N MAIN ST


14:12 Assist Other Agency Joliet - N PARK ST

Laurel PD received a 911 hang up from Joliet schools. Deputy investigated and it was a misdial.


14:32 Traffic Complaint Roberts - US HIGHWAY 212


14:39 Motorist Assist Joliet - US HIGHWAY 310


15:42 Traffic Complaint Roberts - US HIGHWAY 212

Out of county tow truck tailgating


15:52 Suicide Threat/Attempt Red Lodge -

Officer responded to an individual threatening suicide and becoming agitated. 


18:03 Welfare Check Joliet area.    


22:15 Traffic Complaint Laurel - US HIGHWAY 310

Erratic driver. Officer reported driver was trying to drive while eating a burger.


02/27/2020  -  Thursday 


07:38 Parking Red Lodge - 11TH ST E + PLATT AVE S

RLPD called and left message for registered owner.


10:42 Theft Red Lodge - HAUSER AVE S

Red Lodge PD took a report of missing linens from a vacation rental. 


14:25 Domestic Disturbance Red Lodge - BROADWAY AVE S

Red Lodge PD followed up on a cold call of a domestic disturbance that happened two hours prior to male calling in to report. 


17:52 Citizen Contact Joliet - S MAIN ST

Deputy issued citations to two individuals in Joliet.


21:41 Building; Open Door Red Lodge - BROADWAY AVE S

Red Lodge PD checked and unsecured building. Nothing disturbed, nothing suspicious noted.


02/28/2020  -  Friday 


01:39 Suspicious Activity Red Lodge - BROADWAY AVE S

Red Lodge Pd contacted the owner of a vehicle that was running outside the Snowcreek bar for a number of hours unattended.


09:13 Trespass Complaint Bridger - PAN HEAD AL


09:48 Citizen Contact Red Lodge - WEGIAN LN


10:38 Fire- Odor Investigation Red Lodge - BROADWAY AVE N


11:30 Motorist Assist Joliet - TATE ST + E FRONT ST

Vehicle disabled and not a road hazard.


15:05 Alarm, Burglar Joliet - GRAPEVINE RD

False alarm – cancel by alarm company. 


23:53 Motorist Assist Joliet - 9900 US HIGHWAY 212 - US HIGHWAY 212

Driver hit a rabbit and is too distraught to drive.


02/29/2020  -  Saturday 


01:06 Alarm, Burglar Roscoe -E ROSEBUD RD

Business burglar alarm. No response from keyholders/owners. Deputy responded and no suspicious activity and building was secure.


08:51 Citizen Assist Joliet - COW CREEK RD + US HIGHWAY 212

Deputies assisted with traffic control while rancher moved cattle across the highway.


10:52 Motorist Assist Roberts - US HIGHWAY 212


17:53 Disturbance Roberts - JC LN

Deputy responded for an altercation between family members. 


20:01 Motor Veh. Crash, Non-Injury

Roberts - 9000 US HIGHWAY 212 - US HIGHWAY 212

Montana Highway Patrol responded.


20:46 Traffic Hazard Bridger - HIGHWAY 72

Deputy removed a deceased deer from the highway. 


21:08 Alarm, Hold-Up Red Lodge - PLATT AVE N

RLPD responded to a alarm call. Incorrect code was entered by property owner.


22:46 Domestic Disturbance Red Lodge area

Male was transported to Billings Clinic ER for psych evaluation.


23:07 Welfare Check Red Lodge - HIGHWAY 78 + LOWER CONTINENTAL DR

Deputy assisted an intoxicated male who was walking. Family members showed up and care was transported to them.


23:21 Motorist Assist Roscoe - 12 MILES UP. - E ROSEBUD RD

Deputy responded to a report of two individuals stuck on the road. 


03/01/2020  -  Sunday 


05:03 Motor Veh. Slide-Off Red Lodge - LOWER CONTINENTAL DR + HIGHWAY 78

Deputy reported vehicle unoccupied, not a hazard.


13:36 Citizen Assist Red Lodge - 15TH ST W + 16TH ST W

Telephone line is low in the alley. 


14:23 Suspicious Activity Red Lodge - BROADWAY AVE N

Red Lodge PD checked on business, as lights were on but door was locked. Building secured unknown reason business was not open.


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