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Thursday, March 26, 2020

03/16/2020 – Carbon County Deputy transported male to YCDF on PFMA charges.


 03/16/2020  -  Monday


14:45      Citizen Contact                                                                  

Bridger - N MAIN ST

Bridger PD assisted with security while delivery of toilet paper was made to the Family Dollar.


19:14          Disturbance                                                                      

Joliet - S 1ST ST

Carbon County Deputies detained and arrested a male on PFMA Felony charges. Male was transported to YCDF.


22:38   Suicide Attempt/Threat                                                           

Red Lodge 

Red Lodge PD responded to report of a juvenile threatening suicide. Family member transported female to Billings Clinic ER for a Psych evaluation.


03:42 Traffic Hazard                                                                   

Deputy found a cow in the highway that was a hazard. While attempting to herd her off the road, she got angry and attacked the front of the vehicle. Deputy found an open gate, so she would safe.  She attempted to climb onto the hood of the vehicle, but was eventually coaxed into safety.


09:28          Citizen Contact                                                                  

Fromberg- US HIGHWAY 310

Caller wanted help from a deputy, as his girlfriend was yelling and screaming at him. He wanted to gather his belongings and vacate the residence. The girlfriend eventually left the home, and all was fine.


12:12  Citizen Assist                                                                   


Bridger officer was contacted to assist a mother with a misbehaving daughter. 


12:20     911 Hang-Up                                                                      

Roberts - COW CREEK RD

A call came into 911 with only static on the line. Landline phone, homeowner advised had not worked in over a year, since his puppies chewed through the line.


14:45  Citizen Contact                                                                  

Bridger –

Officer was asked to provide security while the delivery trucks with supplies were being unloaded.

19:14      Disturbance                                                                      


Female caller requested law enforcement respond due to a male that has a hammer in is hand while they are fighting.  Deputies responded and male became  disorderly with them. Male was arrested on several charges, and transported by the Deputy to Yellowstone County detention Facility.


22:38  Suicide Attempt/Threat                                                           

Red Lodge

A female was reported as having cut her wrists with scissors. Officer responded and evaluated that cuts were not deep. He spoke with the female and family member, and the family will take the female to Billings for an evaluation.       


03/17/2020  -  Tuesday


03:51  Motor Vehicle Crash, Non-Injury                                                  


Caller stated a male had come to his house to ask for assistance getting his vehicle righted after it had rolled. Deputies responded. Three dogs in the vehicle.  No damage to property. Driver had been working the late shift at the mine. Deputies located driver. Dogs were picked up by a friend of driver and returned  home.


15:14   Suspicious Activity                                                              


Homeowner called to report that he was raking his yard, and came across what he believed to be a grenade. His family was nearby, so he threw it in the field behind his house. Caller advised that the previous owner of the residence had been in WWII, had reason to believe the grenade was real. Detective  responded and called ATF, who also responded. The grenade was detonated, with no incident or injury.


20:02 Area Check                                                                       

Joliet - S MAIN ST

A report came in that the J Bar was still open, although all establishments were required to close due to COVID-219 restrictions. A Deputy responded, and the  owner advised that there was a pool tournament, so he had stayed open.


22:28         Suspicious Activity                                                              

Joliet - CC LN 

A caller was concerned about a vehicle appears to be spotlighting. Deputy did not locate any vehicles.


03/18/2020  -  Wednesday


06:34 Citizen Contact                                                                  

Red Lodge 

Red Lodge Chief advised that an elderly male was walking down the highway, quite icy, taken for coffee, dropped off at his residence, properly caffeinated.


18:14      Assist Other Agency                                                              


Employee requested permission to take a Carbon County inmate to the ER to be evaluated for COVID-19. Inmate complained of cough, runny nose and sore throat. The Sheriff gave permission, and requested that he be informed of the outcome.


19:47  Citizen Contact                                                                  

 Red Lodge - COOPER AVE N

 A resident called the Sheriff several times, and hung up when the call was answered. Dispatch called back, and she did admit to calling and hanging up. Shedidn’t know why she called. She was advised to call if she needed assistance but not call and hang up. Three more hang up calls occurred after that. 


03/19/2020  -  Thursday


06:35   Citizen Contact                                                                  


Red Lodge PD noticed patrons in the establishment.


08:31  Citizen Contact                                                                  

Red Lodge - COOPER AVE 

Red Lodge PD spoke with client and workers at the group home, concerns of possible suicide threats.


12:43   Motor Vehicle Crash, Non-Injury                                                  


Caller states someone hit the stop sign at the Post Office and left the scene. Deputy was able to find the individual. Individual will fix the sign.


16:06           Disturbance                                                                      

 Joliet - S 1ST ST

Deputies responded to caller stated a female was outside her door hollering. Female was removed from the premises and transported to Billings.

18:03   Disturbance                                                                      

Red Lodge - HAGGIN AVE N

Red Lodge PD responded to request from caller, states juvenile son was being confrontational.


21:13          Traffic Stop                                                                     

Bridger - US HIGHWAY 310

K-9 and Deputy assist with Bridger PD. Two males were given a courtesy ride to Laurel, female was transported to YCDF on felony charges.


03/20/2020  -  Friday


09:09          Citizen Contact                                                                  


Caller request to speak with a Deputy regarding a female stalking him on a dating site. Deputy spoke with caller and advised of options.


16:16  Recovered Stolen Property                                                        


Stolen gun was recovered.


03/21/2020  -  Saturday


11:46  Citizen Contact                                                                  

 Joliet - US HIGHWAY 310

A Deputy was called upon to assist with a dispute between neighbors, where one of the neighbors had placed a culvert pipe and a dam in the creek, upstreamof his property. Referred to appropriate agencies.


23:01     Fire- Alarm                                                                      


Alarm company reported a fire alarm from one of the rooms at the Bunkhouse. Red Lodge Fire and Red Lodge EMS called to respond. False alarm. 


03/22/2020  -  Sunday


13:18          Ordinance Violation                                                              


Report of individual dumping deceased deer in the dumpster. Deputy called Fish and Game to report.


20:53    Burglary                                                                         


Deputy investigating report of a storage unit burglarized. 


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