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Politics Won’t Cure Covid

Thursday, September 16, 2021

 To the Editor, The Covid virus has a very good friend in the office of the Governor of Montana. Greg Gianforte has done nothing to help stem the rising cases of Covid and the related increasing death count. He instead works to dispute and restrict those who are working on protecting the citizens.  He and too many GOPs feel that the are under some kind of political obligation to maintain the Trump line of thinking, the initial denial of the danger of the virus and then trying to justify that position over and over.  The non-vaccinated people also fit this spreader description.  They pose a serious risk for themselves, but also pose that risk to everyone else, to those who are not vaccinated as well as the vaccinated who can contract a variant or breakthrough infection.  So far politics have not cured or prevented a single case of Covid.  Brian RoatLaurel