Red Lodge esthetician looks forward to helping and healing others

Alastair Baker
News Editor
Thursday, January 14, 2021
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Esthetician Steph McGee. Selfie by Steph McGee

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Some of the many products Esthetician Steph McGee has available at Esthetics by Steph. Photo by David Traverso

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Esthetics by Steph also carries products called ‘Glo’ developed by Megan Ulrichs, a Holistic Nutrition Educator. Photo by Alastair Baker

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Esthetics by Steph logo.

Esthetician, Steph McGee, has recently opened Esthetics by Steph at Appearance Plus, Red Lodge, and will specialize in therapeutic to corrective treatments such as acne and hyperpigmentation, lash and brow enhancements.
McGee and her husband, David Traverso, moved to Red Lodge from Wyoming because they “love the Beartooths.”
McGee, a state-licensed skincare professional who trained at Amara, Advanced Esthetics School, Bozeman, made the leap to her present role after working in high-end management in Wyoming that involved being an educational facilitator, overseeing grant funding with ties to D.C.  
She has been both an Arts Education Facilitator for a multi-event facility with a Kennedy Center Partnership and a Drug Free Community Grants Coordinator. 
“Throughout the past 25 years, I’ve been in big stressful positions.  I now have an opportunity to help others one on one.  With a client, you know right away if they are happy.  To get to treat people with their concerns and help with things they care about is a privilege.  It was amazing to be a part of massive organizations, programming, and projects, but you don’t see results for a long time,” said McGee. “It is my honor to help others personally and to see their joy.”
“I have had amazing feedback. People want to feel human and have that human touch. They want to feel real and connected.  They want to see changes in their skin and we have the specialty to help them with anti-aging efforts!” said McGee
McGee is passionate about helping others and can relate to people needing to receive a treatment.
“Clients contact me for treatment and my heart feels if you think you need treatment then you do,” she said.  So she treated some clients prior to her treatment room being completely set up. 
McGee herself has a life-long mentor in L.A. who has worked in Dermatology for 30 years and is “always on the cutting edge of new treatments.”  
“So any time I’ve been able to address something about myself that made me feel better. I know how that feels, so I’ve always had a love for this but just didn’t have the freedom to do it,” she said.
“This is truly an honor and privilege. I’ve handed out gift cards to people who have helped me since coming to town and one woman cried, and it made me cry. This is the best job in the world,” said McGee. “To make a difference for someone is huge.”
McGee uses a product called  ‘Glo’, and a cornucopia of other gels and oils to ensure healthier skin from issues with acne, dry skin, cracked skin, to reducing redness to removing dead skin.
She gets her USA made supplies from several companies, one in the south that is more medical-grade only containing strong enzymes and chemical peels. She thinks of herself as a personal trainer with these products, so when someone comes to her for serious skin issues “I’m going to really get in there and do the work. It’s more of a clinical treatment.”
The other side of her treatment is more therapeutic and for this, she uses a product from Bozeman called ‘Glo’ developed by Megan Ulrichs a Holistic Nutrition Educator. Esthetics by Steph along with Appearance Plus is the exclusive home in Red Lodge of the ‘Glo’ Products and the ‘Glo’ Facial.  “It is used at high-end spas in Bozeman and we are blessed to provide it here in Red Lodge.”  
“Everyone treated with ‘Glo’, typically communicates with McGee within a couple days to express how amazing their skin still feels.  ‘Glo’ and SPF are the only products she retails. “I have to love something personally and have seen it work before I will retail it to others.  Both ‘Glo’ and my SPF are amazing and can be trusted for results,” said McGee.
Ulrichs of ‘Glo’ Oils is an avid outdoor skier and understands how the wind in these areas affects the skin.  
“She makes a face balm that is like a ski jacket for your face,” said McGee. “You almost have to live and play in Montana to understand our weather and climate. We’re lucky Meg understands!”
“Some people come to the treatment room because they want the world to stop. They want a massage, they want their skin to feel better, and they want that little bit of spark when they take their photograph with their spouse,” said McGee. “People want to feel better.”  
To book appointments please contact the Spa at (406) 446-3836, or McGee’s cell at (307) 680-7018. Appearance Plus is located at 28 North Broadway, Red Lodge.