Reminder: Leave baby animals alone, and be mindful of diseases

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Each spring, FWP receives calls from people who have picked up deer fawns, baby birds or other newly born wildlife.  

It’s important to remember that Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks no longer accepts, holds or rehabilitates moose, deer, elk and most other animals. Diseases (such as Chronic Wasting Disease) are a concern when moving moose, deer and elk, and rehabilitating fawns and calves is often unsuccessful because the animals become quickly habituated to people.  

If you see a baby animal, whether a goose or a grizzly, keep your distance and leave it alone. Handling baby animals can be dangerous and usually once young animals are picked up by people they can’t be rehabilitated. They are often abandoned by adult animals once human scent is transferred to them.