Republican Women 11.09.17

Carbon County Republican Women (CCRW) met Nov. 1, at Fort Rockvale Restaurant. President Marble introduced special guests Troy Downing and Russell Fagg, candidates for the U.S. Senate.
Troy Downing commented, “Senator Tester is not who he pretends to be. He was not a farmer/ rancher, he was a music teacher. Just ask veterans: he is not the veteran’s best friend.”
Troy Downing next paid tribute to retired judge, Russell Fagg, calling him a class act. “But,” Troy asked, “what kind of person do we want in the Senate?” Troy noted the voters are sending to Washington people who are not politicians, people willing to do the voters’ business and then go home. Said Troy, “I am that man.”
Troy Downing is pro life. His mom was in high school when he was born, he grew up poor...and became a research scientist. He taught at New York University. His venture tech businesses included over 150 start-up companies. “I built my American dream.”
“In 2001 everything changed.” Troy continued. The Islamic terrorist attacks made him think, “What have I done to give back to my country?” Troy joined the US Air Force and did search and rescue missions in Afghanistan. He then served in the National Guard.
His present businesses include a real estate company and storage containers.
“Why am I running?” Troy asked. “It frightens me that an ever larger federal government is getting into more of our lives.” This regulatory environment prevents common sense success and failure. Said Troy, “I want us to dream big, try to succeed and, if we fail, I want us to pick ourselves up and try something else.”
“We need to return to the concept of public servants.” Troy said of his frustration with career politicians.
“President Trump’s ideas are sound,” said Downing, “but we are not advancing the ball. We have border insecurity with a million illegals annually. We have the unaffordable Care Act train wreck… And what about tax reform? I have accounting firms--accounting firms--telling me what I should pay in tax! It is too complicated.”
“I have problem-solving skills. I am a combat veteran. I have seen what it means to send someone to war.” added Troy. “The State of Montana should not, NOT, send a Senator to Washington who aims for that (politics) as his career.”
“Please vote for Troy Downing for U. S. Senate,” he requested.
Russ Fagg said, “I am a man of faith, a past chairman for LaVie women’s clinic, chair for Prayer Breakfasts as well as Walk for Emmaus.
“I must recognize that Senator Tester was in lock step with President Obama. Do we want more of that? Jon’s votes are anti-gun and he cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, the ACA, which will cost Montana a projected 2000 jobs from now to 2024 and nationally 2.5 million jobs. Jon voted against judge Gorsuch and there are more to come.”
Russ Fagg said number one is Montana’s need for a good conservative to win next November. Said Fagg, “I am a fourth generation Montanan. The Faggs settled south of the Yellowstone in 1892. My mother’s family was military, coming to Fort Keogh, Montana, to help bury Custer’s men.” Fagg reported that Tester is one of the top three Senators likely to be replaced.
Russell Fagg placed his top priorities as: 1. Balanced budget, 2. Limited government, and 3. The rule of law. “The American dream,” said Russ, “requires a 3% growth rate. Under Obama, the best rate was 1.7%.” Tester voted with Obama 97% of the time. He now votes with Trump 35% of the time, said Fagg.
“I have a deep love for Montana.” said Russell Fagg. “God bless each of you, Montana and the United States of America.”
Questions followed: In the event that you win the election, how will you defend yourself from the “aphrodisiac” of power and money in Washington? Troy Downing answered, “I already have money. At 34 I was already more successful than I ever imagined. I love my country. My goal is to be part of the solution, take our country back, and go home.” Russell Fagg’s reply was, “I already have 22 years of being called Honorable. Look at what I have done. My roots are here. I tried to pray over every case and will continue. My family is strong.”
Another question addressed the Communist push currently in the U.S. by power brokers and the media. Troy Downing saw education as a problem, noting graduates no longer understand government’s workings. Troy reported “political correctness” indoctrination in his daughter’s classes but applauded her activism in such groups as Turning Point U.S.A.  
Russell Fagg added, “I am simple. Jobs first. I promise to ask, does this add to jobs, does this add to Montana?”
Another asked how we address the false narratives of the transgender debate. Russell Fagg’s answer was, “We combat lies with the truth.” Russ was asked about the high cost of ankle monitors for people accused but not yet judged guilty in Billings, and the concern that this keeps the poor trapped in the justice system. Former Judge Fagg said $7.50 per day may be less than a $10,000 bond.
Navy Veteran Anne noted Senator Tester paints himself as veterans’ best friend but she doesn’t see this. Troy Downing shared his experiences in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, where one disabled vet was going to be sent to San Francisco for what should be done locally.
President Marble then opened the business meeting.
Dec. 2 will be the next Politics & Eggs with Montana Family Foundation President Jeff Laszloffy. Stillwater County’s Republican Dinner will be April 21. Contact Shirlee, 322-6151.
CCRW is donating boxes filled with activities and snacks to children awaiting foster home placement in Carbon County through Child Bridge. Treats were delivered to local law enforcement and emergency personnel in the name of CCRW and very much appreciated, reported President Marble.
Locker Room Protection Petitions are again open for signatures. Contact Montana Family, 628-1140. The next Big Sky Worldview Forum will be in January. Contact Dick, 534-2019. Vision Beyond Borders continues to collect clothes for Middle East refugees. Call 652-3663.
The next meeting will be Jan. 3 at 11 a.m., Fort Rockvale, with U. S. Senate candidates Senator Olszewski and Auditor Matt Rosendale.


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