RLHS BPA students find success at Nationals

Eleanor Guerrero
CCN Senior Reporter
Thursday, March 14, 2019
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Photo by Colleen Volmund
Left to right: Red Lodge High School students Chloe Hill, Lexa Reimer, Malyn McJunkin and Shane Vomund won the State Championship Award for Broadcast News.

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Camron Avent won graphic design and digital publishing at the BPA Statewide competition.

Red Lodge High School students showed their expertise on a State level bringing home a slew of Business Professionals of America awards from the BPA State competition held on March 10-12 at Billings Hotel and Convention Center.

The competiton is an annual event and tests business minded students on a range of creative and professional skills. 

“We just found out today!” said Reimer on Tuesday, March 11, about the awards.  

“Way to go!” said Chelsea Emery, to the team which includes her daughter, Chloe Hill. “I’m just a proud parent!” 

Chloe Hill, Lexa Reimer, Malyn McJunkin and Shane Vomund won the State Championship Award for Broadcast News.

“They worked on a full news segment doing all the graphic design, sounds, lighting and stories as members of the Red Lodge chapter of Business Professionals of America, ” said  Adviser and RLHS business class teacher Theresa Reimer. 

These are not the only champions or awards from the school. Camron Azent won graphic design promotion statewide and digital publishing statewide.Lexa Reimer came in third for video. Website Design, 2nd place went to Jasper Poore, Sophie Avent and Jake Stockwell. Third at in video production were Elijah Lauver, Tyler Schrowe, Alexa Reimer and Calahan Barker. Zoe Aven was third in graphic design. Winning third place for Small Business Management Team were Emmalia Sager, Jasper Poore, Sophia Boughey and Kaleb Nell.  

Reimer said, “This is the fourth year that they have made it to the National Convention. 

Regarding the Broadcast News, Reimer explained, “No one can watch the performance. They’ve kept their team together and learned all these years to the point that when they present, the judges sit aback and are amazed that they know such technical skills about broadcast work.”

Asked if these are future broadcasters, Reimer said, “I haven’t heard of broadcast news as a main interest-there was one who said she’d study it on the side, but they love the video skills.” Videography is an interest and Alexa Reimer is already helping Instagram followers with their videos. “She is talking about business (as a major) with video on the side.”

Reimer said at first, “They felt like the judges were very stoic-possibly unfriendly, but by the end of the performance they were sitting forward and asking lots of questions. They (the kids) were pretty excited and confident.”

Reimer gets involved with her students’ progress. For example, she says she’s seen the broadcast news rehearsals “about ten times.”

“When they first start rehearsing, I’m pretty hard on them. They need perfection in presentation, it’s half its score. They compete against everyone- aa, a, b, c (schools).”

She said, “Every single day for six weeks they had to present to me.” Reimer says she’s usually a “gentle teacher” “but when it comes to BPA I give it to them!”

It shows in the results. “By the end of two weeks,” she said, “It’s a total different presentation than when we started. They really do the work to make it great.”