A Rock And A Hard Place

Alastair Baker
News Editor
Thursday, January 21, 2021

I apologize if the article “Witnesses To History” in last week’s Carbon County News caused any distress to our readers. It was not my intention. It was merely an opportunity to have a local angle on a national story/event. Local papers get few chances to join the national scene.

To help clear up numerous questions surrounding the article, answers are as follows:

I did write it. 

The Carbon County Republican Women’s organization answered numerous questions from me about their presence at the Jan. 6 Rally.  

The feelings and comments expressed by the CCRW are their own and represent their beliefs. Despite Ex-President Trump’s claims of voter fraud being unfounded after numerous recounts, his supporters still do not acknowledge this election result and most probably never will despite the voting numbers running contrary to their beliefs. 

I’ve been asked why I didn’t let CCRW write an editorial instead. Well, I’ve done that as well and had just as many complaints.  

I’ve been asked why I didn’t just report on their visit and leave out the politics. I’ve done that in years past and, yes, I still received complaints about coverage.

Some readers asked why there weren’t any Democrat voices in the piece representing the other side of the coin. To my knowledge no local Democrats went to this Rally, so it centered on the Republican response. Likewise if Democrats had gone to a national rally, as they did for the Women’s March in January 2017, only their voices would have been published.   

As for the crowd numbers, I’ve seen and heard they were as low as 10K or as high as a million, so I took the middle ground. 

To suggest we are biased towards the Right doesn’t ring true either. Over the years we have given more than adequate coverage to both political philosophies, in fact we’ve tended to favor the Left down the years. I keep a record of the number of front-page articles run on both parties every year because the News frequently gets asked why it is too Left or too Right and these figures come in handy.  Just in the last few years we’ve run 37 front page stories on the Democrats to 19 Republican. Furthermore we also run monthly newsletters from both parties and run letters from both sides of the political divide. 

I hope I’ve answered all the queries and put some minds at rest. 

It is extremely difficult to balance the political equation and keep both sets of supporters happy even in the mildest years.

The News wants the voices of Carbon County to be heard no matter what side of the political fence they come from. 

I’ve had supporters upset that their candidate is on page 3 while their opponent is on page 2; Why they are below the fold while the opponent isn’t?; Why the opponent is in color and theirs is not? 

I finish on an observation that an election system that allows itself to be challenged is tailor-made for someone who has a mind to do just that; challenge. The system is in serious need of repair and needs overhauling as soon as possible to allow for a smoother and peaceful transition for the 2024 election.


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