Rosendale vows to “fight” Biden administration

Alastair Baker
News Editor
Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Photo by Alastair Baker
U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale, right, talks to Katie Moldenhauer, owner of Katie Cakes, and her husband, Kit, in Red Lodge last weekend.

U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale (R) said he’s “built for the fight” against President Joe Biden’s “very destructive agenda” while attending a rally in Red Lodge last weekend prior to the Lincoln, Reagan Dinner at Rock Creek Resort. 

Rosendale met with supporters outside Katie Cakes telling them his decision to fight started on day one in Washington D.C. when his bi-partisan hopes were metaphorically knocked on the head by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her gavel.

“Nancy Pelosi came out after they gave her that gavel and she shook it like a weapon and then gave the meanest divisive speech I’ve ever heard and I thought ‘okay if you want to do it this way, we’ll do it this way.’ I’m built for the fight every day,” said Rosendale. 

He added that Biden “should be using Trump’s slogan ‘Promises Made Promises Kept’ because he said he was going to raise your taxes, take your jobs, take your guns and make your boys and girls use the same showers and that’s what he’s trying to do.”

“We lost 200 jobs that first day when Biden pulled the Keystone XL pipeline project. We lost $60-$80 million of tax revenue dollars going across those counties, Daniels, McCone, Dawson, Prairie County. We lost across the country, 10,000 jobs,” said Rosendale. 

“We were helping our allies in Europe, so they wouldn’t have to buy energy from Russia, and now look, Russia is finishing up pipelines and they are taking control all over Europe. Real good idea,” he added. 

Rosendale turned his attention to efforts made to slow down the amount of legislation passing through the Biden administration. 

“We’re using every bit of strategy to slow down the Democrats agenda because it is a radical agenda,” he said. 

Recent tactics have made it impossible to fast-track suspension bills with the Freedom Caucus forcing members of the House to vote on each piece of legislation that has caused a backlog of work. 

Rosendale is proud of what the Freedom Caucus is doing but noted, “It is like living in Israel.”

“Even Republicans are mad at us. I have got hostile neighbors on all sides. Democrats are mad because we are slowing down the process, Republicans are mad, as we’re making them go back to their offices and turn round and come back to vote. Aren’t you getting paid to vote on legislation?” he said of them.

“I’m up there fighting. I think it was Harry Truman who said if you want a friend in Washington, buy a dog. So when people get aggravated with me, I tell them I bought a dog. I don’t really need to make friends out there. I’m doing what is right,’ said Rosendale.

“They are fighting for this country and they share our values and they don’t care what lobbyists say and they don’t care what pollsters say. They care what the people say and what’s going to happen to you and your life,” he said. “So we’re going to try and tie it up for basically another 18 months till hopefully we get the House back again.”

He appreciated the work of Democratic Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona in protecting the filibuster.

“Joe Manchin is getting incredible pressure placed on him right now. I think he is the only remaining blue dog Democrat in Washington D.C. I talk to Democrats that talk so quietly it’s like communion. They whisper to you, they don’t want to be out there in public knowing they are talking to a Republican. When it comes to the vote they all lock up because the extreme power and money is with the hard left and anybody who deviates from the herd, they will come down on you hard,” explained Rosendale. 

Rosendale also touched on redistricting plans but added a note of caution.

“There are people walking around right now saying that redistricting is going to give us 12 more seats so we’ll be in the majority in 2022 but I don’t take that for granted,” he said. “The Democrats are raising money at an extraordinary rate, they’ve got a program in place where they can get small donors from across the nation and generate a lot of money, and I think we have to be well funded and smart and if we do get it back, not only do we have to have a plan but we have to execute that plan because too many promises were made when Donald Trump was elected that Congress did not follow up on. President Trump did. But Congress didn’t, so we need to make sure we fulfill our promises.” 

Further criticism of the Biden administration centered on the  $2 trillion Covid Relief package. 

“That last $2 trillion package that was supposed to be for Covid Relief, a fraction went to Covid Relief. We are seeing businesses opening up and the economy growing and it’s not because of that relief. That money isn’t even entered into the economy yet,” said Rosendale. 

“To give you an idea of what $2 trillion is, it costs over $5 million a year to run the state of Montana, that builds highways, run schools and hospitals, everything. We could eliminate all taxes in the state of Montana, and $2 trillion would run this state for 380 years. It would cover 15 generations, tax-free.” 

“The money is not going to where it should go. They keep inventing programs. The infrastructure bill has $200 million to the arts, $570 million to institutes and museums and $1 billion to promote racial justice, informing. Informing? What does this even mean?” said Rosendale. “They gave a 120 percent credit to your debt if you were a minority farmer. 120 percent? Look I didn’t get educated under common core, I just used 2 plus 2 equals 4. 120 percent means they were getting a rebate back 20 percent greater than what they even owned against the mortgage.”

Rosendale believes the amount of spending being created by the Biden administration will let China in through the financial backdoor.

“What China is doing right now is undermining the confidence of people around the globe with the dollar, they want to remove the dollar as standard currency. They are not going to storm our beaches, they are going to undermine the dollar and as long as we continue to pump artificial stimulus into the economy with trillions of dollars at a time they are manufacturing in a basement in Washington D.C. then China has a chance to do that. It’s not about Cryptocurrency. All they have to do is change the recognized currency around the world to something else. If the standard currency ceases to be the US dollars we have a big, big problem.“

Regarding the move to turn Washington D.C. into a State, Rosendale found it hard to believe it would succeed as “they’d have to amend the constitution, because it is very clear, about having a seat of Government that is not governed by a legislative body, Article 1, Section 8. Another thing the 23rd Amendment addresses the three electors awarded Washington D.C. so if you granted statehood you have to amend two sections of the constitution. Will they try, possibly? They could bring Puerto Rica in easier than D.C. I don’t think anyone wants to change the flag. Where are we going to put that extra star?” Rosendale joked.

Final comments turned to sanctuary cities and immigration. 

“The border is a train wreck,” said Rosendale. “They have no Green Card, no court date where they are supposed to check in for asylum status. My communities are going to have to feed them, house them, educate them, medicate them and I’m talking to Montanans right now looking for $8-$10 million to improve the infrastructure in their towns. We can’t take all that.” 

“I went to Arizona two weeks after they pulled the project. There are 300,000 illegals a month coming into our country. Those are the facts. Not only that, you have all that construction and workers. What a contrast, Trump comes in and he stimulates the economy and reduces regulations, reduces taxation, and businesses are glowing, bringing money back in as opposed to Biden, who comes in and on day one shuts down construction on the Keystone Pipeline and the Wall. There are people so upset in Texas, that private ranchers are paying a contractor to build the Wall,” he said.

He praised Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte for signing the ‘Sanctuary City’ Ban Bill adding that any city that offers sanctuary should be penalized by having its tax breaks removed.

“If you want to get somebody's attention, hit them in the pocketbook, that’s the only thing people pay attention to. So no tax breaks for sanctuary cities says you can set up a sanctuary city but if you do all your municipal bonds are going to rescind the federal tax exemption on your income tax on those municipal bonds,” he said.

“I brought a Bill forward, the first piece was to put into statute the ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program, so these people that come from the triangle countries and further south need specific criteria to declare asylum status. Prior to Trump, they‘d issue a court date and release them into the United States never to be heard from again,” said Rosendale.

“Trump came out and said we’ll have these people stay in Mexico, give them a court date and when it shows up, bring them in, have the hearing and if they met the criteria to claim asylum status then, of course, bring them into the country, if not, then no. The Biden administration has started bringing them into our country and releasing them. They have these 100,000 not even given court dates. A lot of these people aren’t checked for Covid, meanwhile the Biden administration is running around making sure everyone has a mask on, and talking about vaccine passports, and releasing people into our country that are Covid positive. That’s a problem.”