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By Alastair Baker
Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Photo by Alastair Baker

Adventure Whitewater owner Marek Rosin, center, with children Cameron and Chloe this year.

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Early rafting adventurers Cameron and Chloe Rosin.

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Photo by Bud Chenault Photography

Cameron Rosin of Adventure Whitewater and crew pile through the rapids on the Stillwater River.

It’s a beautiful summer’s day, one of the best we’ve had, and the Stillwater River beckons.

This is only my second time on the river and today the water looks exciting. For my wife, Rhonda, it’s her first trip out and she isn’t so impressed about the whitecaps bouncing off the watery scenery.

However if ever there is a guide to help you through those debut doubts it is Marek Rosin, owner of Adventure Whitewater and presently celebrating his 25th year in the business.

Rosin’s calm and collected manner makes you breathe much easier. He is not one to ruin your day; in fact he wants you to embrace the experience you are about to embark on and let it be a memory that never leaves your side.

“This is one of nature’s highways,” he reminds all of us who are now bereft of our silly 21st Century chains such as cell phones.  

The heart races a bit when you hear him first announce, “let’s swing the raft into the river.” You realize that you are now part of his crew and you each have a paddle, except Rhonda who will get to sit comfortably on the back row near Rosin for her first trip.

“You are going to have to work today,” he says to the rest of us.

A few simple instructions on how to help him through the trip and we are off into a haphazard yet peacefully scintillating land that truly transports you.

“This is my office,” Rosin jokes.

 As the waters eddy off into the distance so must Marek reflect on the journey he and his wife, Kate Scott, took a quarter of a century ago when starting up Adventure Whitewater.

 They came from Sun Valley, Idaho, looking for a little piece of heaven and rediscovered Red Lodge. Scott went on to open Boomerang Beads while Rosin kickstarted his whitewater business, situated just west of Absarokee.  

“From the first summer we started Adventure Whitewater it has been successful. It just took off, and I’m still loving it,” Rosin said. “I truly love what I do and consider myself extremely fortunate to float people everyday.”

“Having my wife’s unconditional support over the years is for sure a big part of Adventure Whitewater’s success,” said Rosin.

He also attributes the success of the business down to the support from Red Lodge to hiring local, personable and highly qualified guides who make the trip entertaining, while keeping safety a top priority.

“The guides are the real link between me and the customers.  We strive to hire local guides, people like Drew Meyer, Korbin Johnson, Moritz Little as well as my children Chloe and Cameron. I have the best guides in Montana because I hire them for their amazing personalities as well as skill.  I can teach anybody how to row, but I can’t teach everybody how to make the trip fun as well as safe and entertaining,” Rosin explained.  

As he looks to the future, he turns his attention to his two children who are both about to enter college in Australia.

“They are the next generation of guides,” said Rosin.

Both Chloe and Cameron have been brought up on the water and look as home to it as they are on the land.

“To me, seeing my children embrace the river and share the love of guiding makes my circle complete,” said Rosin.

“Dad was the one who really inspired both of us to get into rafting,” said Chloe Rosin. “It was kind of a given that Cameron and I would end up loving the water.”

Chloe has been on the water since she was 2 years old and just started guiding this year.

“Growing up on the water has been the best all round experience, we’ve learnt so many things about how to respect nature and enjoy everything it has to offer all at the same time,” she said.

Although she can’t remember her first rapid she has plenty of “great memories in the rapids on the Stilly.”

“I always get a little adrenaline rush going through the rapids, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t,” said Chloe.

“Whitewater will always be a part of my life, I’ll be attending college in Australia but I’d love to get back for summers to get some guiding in,” she said. “Going rafting with a fun company or experienced family and friends is a great way to get introduced to whitewater. Getting on the water is always fun and everyone needs to try it at some point.”

It is an enviable lifestyle, spying the glorious life of the river bank with its Canadian Geese, moose and the Bald Eagle with it’s two eaglets hanging out in a one ton nest high above the willowy canopy.  

By now we’ve ventured through some boisterous rapids that haven’t so much sprinkled us with water but fair chucked a bucket load at us. The rapid walls crumble before us, splintering this way and that, leaping over the front of the raft and joining us on board.

By now everyone is ready for more outbursts from the Stillwater including Rhonda, who was discovering that water isn’t such a bad gig after all.

“That was fun. Next time I’m using a paddle,” she said.

The rapids never disappointed the entire trip nor did the quieter moments conversing amongst the reeds as the trees saluted our glide passed.

By the end the trip had vanished all too soon and left you wanting more of the enchanting canvas we had floated on.

Adventure Whitewater offers a variety of rafting opportunities during the summer months, as well as guided fly-fishing tours. Rosin invites those interested in a fun-filled journey down river rapids to call (406) 446-3061 or visit for more information.


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