Summer burns fill up Montana's sky

By Alastair Baker
Thursday, August 16, 2018

The hazy, smoky sky around Carbon County is coming from fire sources too numerous to pinpoint. At present Montana has 14 fires currently burning 26,452 acres as of Wednesday. The closest is the Bacon Rind fire 17 miles north of West Yellowstone that has destroyed 1,388 acres.

Nationally there are approximately 114 fires in 15 States burning up over 1.8 million acres. To date 9 fires have been contained.

The two biggest fires are the Carr Fire in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, now measured at 211,019 acres, and Mendocino Complex, standing at 354,910 acres. Both are in California.

Other large Californian fires are the Ferguson Fire in the Sierra National Forest at 96,606; the Donnell Fire in Stanislaus National Forest at 29,715. In Colorado there is the Spring Creek Fire, Castillo County, at 108,045, the Laney Rim Fire, Rock Springs District, Wyoming, at 13,198; the Cougar Creek Fire, Okanogan/Wenatchee National Forest, Washington at 31,608; the Grass Valley Fire, Spokane District at 75,573, and in Eastern Idaho, the Sharps Fire at 64,853 acres.

Air quality around Montana is normal to moderate according to

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