Think About Your Vote

Thursday, August 4, 2022

To the Editor,So our very own Cedar Wood Villa nursing home is closing, along with all the local jobs it provided, to save money during a $1,000,000 (that’s One Billion Dollars) state surplus. It is particularly ironic that people who don’t believe in climate change, or if it exists, that we’ll “adapt” (Gov. Gianforte, Sen. Danes, and Rep. Rosendale), are the first ones to show up and extend sympathy (and federal money, which they otherwise detest) to those of us in Carbon County who recently experienced a “500-year flood,” which of course “happens all the time” according to them. These are the same people who have arranged tax cuts that have benefitted the wealthy among us so the poor among us have to commute to urban centers in their worn automobiles, if they have any, for social services and their own $27 tax relief, if any. These are the same people whose Office of Public Instruction (Arnetson) has proposed a reduction in the number of school counselors while a mental health crisis is occurring with our youth, to save the state money. These are the same people who believe that more guns, even in “bad guys” hands since its their constitutional right, will stop the weekly mass murders. And that those murders won’t happen in their own schools, malls, churches or businesses. These are the same people who have cut local jobs for social services and school counselors while they hire top-dollar consultants from out-of-state to head our state departments because they cannot find anyone within our state good enough or willing to cut our programs. And these are the same people who just couldn’t come up with enough money to assist seven (to date) long-term care facilities like Cedar Wood Villa stay open in our state. The $1,000,000 (one billion dollars) surplus that these people are quick to brag about have come at the cost of loss of critical services and needs, although they have succeeded in making many of their own kind wealthier and, admittedly, succeeded in creating jobs to recover from disasters. To their credit, these people have successfully convinced our electorate that climate change doesn’t exist, that cutting government services for public education and the needy is necessary to save taxpayer money, and that no compromise at all is possible on any issue. As long as we keep electing these people, we will all certainly enjoy $1,000,000 surpluses while our elderly, public education, social services and now disaster-prone towns suffer. Please reconsider your votes, folks. Vote for those who acknowledge problems and work for solutions, not surpluses.  Betsy ScanlinRed Lodge


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