Three more COVID deaths in Carbon County

Bill George, Md
Carbon County Public Health Officer
Thursday, November 19, 2020

By Bill George MD
Carbon County
Public Health Officer

Carbon County Public Health is reporting 3 additional deaths of Carbon County residents due to COVID-19: Two males, ages 77 and 56 and one female age 89. The families and friends of these residents have our deepest sympathy of their loss to this tragic illness.
As expected with our rapidly increasing infection rate, we have numerous residents presently hospitalized due to COVID -19. Please keep these patients, as well as the families who are grieving their loss in your thoughts and prayers during this holiday season.
The recent devastating effects of this new illness in Montana and nationwide can bring a sense of futility to our situation. Please remember, these injuries and deaths are preventable and not inevitable. Careful attention to mask wearing, distance, and avoiding groups outside of your households will bring our infection rate down appreciably. This will create a safer environment for our most vulnerable, assure an open economy and operating schools as we wait for effective vaccines.