Voters should be disturbed

According to the Carbon County News, dated March 22, page 6, the Carbon County Republican Women welcomed at their Rockvale meeting three Carbon County Commissioner’s candidates who spoke about their desires, capabilities and credentials for the positions.

The three candidates that were welcomed were Bill Bullock, presently serving the Red Lodge District, Scott Blain, presently serving the Joliet District and Pitts DeArmond who was just one of the candidates for the position in the Bridger District vacated by Doug Tucker.

One has to ask why was DeArmond was singled out to join the two serving commissioners and not the other nine?

The other issue I have is that this meeting took place on March 7, before any interviews were scheduled for the rest of the candidates and included just the trio, the two presently serving commissioners and DeArmond who has since been appointed by Bullock and Blain to serve the Bridger District.

This does not appear to be above board and indicates all the other interviews were just a formality and the decision was already made.

This should disturb the voters of Carbon County.

Donna Peterson