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Wyoming Area Spirit Posse wrangles ghosts in Red Lodge

The Wyoming Area Spirit Posse (W.A.S.P.) came to Red Lodge last month to round up some ghosts. The three ladies of W.A.S.P. are Tami Bunker, Kerri Erb and Kara McCoy. All three are investigators. Their focus was the old hospital on Broadway, Mount Maurice.
“This location was literally mind boggling with activity!” said McCoy. 
Bunker and Erb are lead investigators and founded W.A.S.P. in 2014. Bunker said, “For me, Mount Maurice Hospital (the building’s original name), located in Red Lodge Montana, has to be the most active place we have been to so far."
The Red Lodge investigation started on July 22. They stayed at the hospital alone all night, continuing to investigate until early morning on July 23.
W.A.S.P. is diligent about their background research. McCoy explained, “I grew to know the paranormal world at a very young age, and have been seeking stories of their lingering since. The most intriguing part of the paranormal is the history that lies before it. Our team spends a tremendous amount of time digging into the history before any investigation.” They often find “stories from the beyond” that augment or support the history. These stories get documented and shared.
Bunker noted, “History comes alive with paranormal investigating!”

McCoy added, “Although no experiences will ever leave my mind, two experiences stand out.” The two experiences were the Historic Greybull Hotel in Greybull, Wyoming and Mount Maurice Hospital in Red Lodge.
Erb explained how they approach each investigation. “We always go into investigations to help someone, whether it be the home owner or the spirit(s). That's what makes this job so special!  We want to help in any way we possibly can!”
Erb and Bunker’s first investigation was held at the Kane cemetery, by Lovell, Wyoming, where Erb said, “This is where I first met Kara, our Case Manager. We have been an inseparable team from that day on!”
In ghosthunting, they frequently have to depend on each other’s support in stressful spectral situations. “No matter what obstacles we run into, we always have each other to lean on if needed,” assured Erb.
McCoy shared her first experience at ghosthunting. “The first was at the Greybull Hotel. An entity just kept trying to lure me into the kitchen downstairs. Once down there, the energy felt as if behind me, mocking me. It wasn’t until later, while going through all of our video and audio, that I realized the extent of anger this entity had toward me!” The spirit yelled at her. “In a gremlin voice, it said, ‘Stupid little ******!’” She marveled, “We almost missed that, being it was the last video evidence to go through!”
But even more compelling to the team than the Greybull Hotel were the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) that were captured at Mount Maurice.
“Mount Maurice has many more stories than we had time to tell, or explore,” said McCoy. The team decided to simulate an event, a common occurrence in the hospital’s past-a surgery, to see if they could instigate an otherworldly reaction. Bunker dressed as a surgeon and pretended to do a lobotomy on McCoy.

Paranormal investigators have found that ghostly phenomena may occur when past events are recreated as if priming a pump. For example, a real disembodied scream may occur when a murder is faked at a murder scene.
The causes that trigger such actions are unknown and some paranormal experts say it may depend on whether it triggers a past occurrence like a “residual energy”-a memory of an event stored in energy already there (McCoy terms it “energy looping since the time it left”) or whether it emotionally moves an actual spirit presence to use its own energy for a voice, a noise or to move an object.
McCoy said they had actual auditory experiences and some things unheard turned up as noises or voices on the recorders.
“While in the surgery room, things seemed more intense than ever,” said McCoy. Voices were captured, knocking was heard, shadows was a very active night!”
McCoy was clearly awake as Bunker pretended to put her under anesthesia. “The spine chiller for me was hearing the woman’s voice, the first time, saying ‘go to the light,’” she said. Later that night, the same woman’s voice was again recorded, saying ”Sleep.” Said McCoy, “Both times I felt not only dizzy, but tired.”

Are traumatic events of the hospital’s past swirling about in the ethers? McCoy thought so. “Going through our evidence not only helps to support the history, but also explains the emotions and feelings that we all experienced through the night.”
McCoy explained, “It seemed more than one kind of energy in that building.  One of our experiences with the residual energy was when we heard a beeping, almost like a heart monitor in the room with us.  Though faint, it was there!”
She said another example were “footsteps and furniture moving.”

The other energy encountered was intellectual. That was defined as “voices caught on recorder responding to direct questions, or making noise, signs, that respond.” 
McCoy said “There were so many intellectual responses, it's hard to list just which ones stand out the most.” 

The event that stood out was the knocking in the surgery room. “All three of us heard it! Loud as day!” said McCoy. “All of you can as well, on the video.”
They tried to make the same noise to debunk it without success.

McCoy reflected, “That room was the most intense for me. Physically drained me, I honestly felt like I was being put in surgery. With that feeling, and the audio captured on the recorder, I am one hundred percent sure that Mount Maurice is still very much active!” 
McCoy said voices came up on the recorder. While trying to get rest, McCoy was re-watching a live feed she had posted earlier in the evening. When at home, and going through the evidence she said, “I was shocked at the amount of things this entity had to say to Tami, and the team. It sounded like he was sitting next to her, laughing and enjoying the video!”

Bunker said, “I had experienced disembodied voices, physical contact (I was touched) and saw numerous shadows.”

McCoy agreed and had often felt touches during the night but no one was around.  Both kept hearing voices that were not on the recording, “as if there were someone standing right next to us!” said McCoy. 
All team members reported experiencing a ”taunting.” McCoy explained, “We'd be lured to one area, then activity would start on a different floor.”
McCoy concludes, “The owner will tell you that place is not haunted, however, the evidence we captured, heard, and felt, say otherwise.”

For the best of W.A.S.P.’s Mount Maurice experience see:

W.A.S.P. Members share stories
By Eleanor Guerrero
CCN Senior Reporter

Each of the W.A.S.P. ghosthunting team came to the group after having their own personal experiences. The team shared a few stories.
Tami Bunker: “I have always had a love and passion for the Paranormal, but have had a few personal experiences before being with W.A.S.P. I remember as an adolescent my brother’s toys going off by themselves in the middle of the night for no reason! I remember in particular two wooden figures my dad picked up from overseas-he was in the Navy.”
The toys went missing for several weeks. “My parents blamed my brother but one morning my mom came downstairs and found them sitting on the stereo speaker in plain sight. Items always seemed to go missing and then turn up as if nothing they had been there the whole time. This all happened in southern California.”

Two of the toys were a toy car and a Terminator action figure. They would come to life only at night! “The toy car would spin around on the floor on his (her brother’s) room. He was really little-like 3,” said Bunker. “The figure was about a foot and a half tall. If you pushed the buttons on his back he would say phrases from the movie and his eyes would glow red.” But, “it would constantly go off in the middle of the night when he was sleeping!” Bunker was a teenager at the time. “That freaked me out all the time! It would never go off by itself during the day.” Her brother never witnessed the events.

She also shared, “While on vacation in the United Kingdom in 2011, we were visiting Greyfriars Cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland. Very eerie. I got to the tomb of infamous ‘Sir George Bloody Mackenzie’ and took a picture.” Upon reviewing it she noticed an unexplained big light or “orb” in the picture. Such experiences often happen around spirits.

Kerri Erb: “ I had my first paranormal experience at the age of 8. I was sleeping in my bed and was awakened by my bed shaking. It was as if the bed were jumping off of the floor! I was scared stiff. I was afraid to move until the bed stopped. Then, I jumped out of bed, ran into my brother’s room and stayed there for the rest of the night. I explained to my mother the next morning what had happened, and she told me that the bed I was sleeping in belonged to my step-grandfather. He died in the bed a few years prior. I've been interested in the Paranormal ever since." 

But Erb says the experience that made the biggest impact, was the experience her four year old daughter had after her Godfather passed away. “She loved him dearly and she did not understand what death was. He had been gone about 3 days, and at the breakfast table, she said ‘Mike came to see me last night mommy.’ I asked her what she was talking about, and she replied ‘He was in my bedroom by the bottom of my bed and he told me that he loves and misses me and sissy, and to be good for mommy and daddy!’ and then he was gone.”
She added that before W.A.S.P, “I worked with a group in Michigan called GRASPP at the Elk’s Club in Grand Haven. An investigator named Pat came downstairs because his back was burning-it had three scratches going down his back." When she said, "That got you good," she got a sharp burning pinch on her inner thigh that left a mark. This incident is documented in the book “Haunted Grand Haven” by Kevin Collier.

Kara McCoy: “At a pretty young age I lost a dear friend in elementary school. I knew he was in the hospital, but, before we could get there, we were called to stay home. Shortly after, I saw him on the end of my bed. He said good-bye. He was so translucent. I saw him clear as day, but saw through him! While trying to understand why he was there my grandmother came into the room to tell me he had passed.” She said the experience has “remained forever vivid in my mind.”


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