This year's Annual Fun Run for Charities is going virtual

Stephen Kalb-Koenigsfeld
RLACF Thriving Nonprofit Program Director
Thursday, July 16, 2020

Carbon County’s annual Fun Run for Charities is going virtual this year.
But what does that mean?
In the 17th year of the annual fundraiser for 56 different Carbon County charities, the race will be done on your own time, at your own pace, at your own place.
Since February, we have been in communication with Carbon County health officials to keep abreast of state and national guidelines and regulations in hopes of having an in-person event. With the COVID-19 health climate, hosting one of the state’s largest charitable races in person is simply not possible. Safety of our participants, volunteers, staff, vendors, and community is our top priority, and we feel a virtual race is our best bet to maintain that priority.
How does a virtual race work? You can register online or via the registration forms that will be in your mailboxes next week. Select the event distance (2 mile, 5K or 10K) and pick the day, time, and route you’d like to run. Be a traditionalist and run/walk the Fun Run route or create your own route according to the distance you selected. Submit your results online after,regardless of whether or not you timed yourself,and receive a finisher certificate. Overall winners and awards will be announced on Sept. 5.
One thing that hasn’t changed: the Fun Run is still focused on raising funds for the 56 Carbon County charities! Donations can be made online, mailed in using a donation form, over the phone, or in-person at the Community Foundation. You can donate to your favorite charities and the ever-growing Sally Martin Match Fund, named after the Fun Run’s founder. All donations benefit charities.
Don’t worry, Fun Run T-shirts will be available for all who register! The color, still a secret until pickup, will be available, as you’ll be able to wear it when you decide to run your virtual Fun Run event. The popular tech t-shirts, hoodies and dog scarves will still be available to purchase, with proceeds going toward the Match Fund.
We know times are tough, and nonprofits in our communities have faced many challenges this spring and into summer. That’s why we made a new addition to our policy this year, allowing Fun Run participating charities access to their funds at the end of each month.
In the past, we save the funds for a big award in October. Knowing charities need whatever resources are available, we’re making those funds available monthly. Meaning your July or August donations will get to the charities faster than ever, making donating that much more important!
We hope you all will join us in this very exciting time of the year. While it will look a little different and we’ll miss seeing the sea of Fun Run t-shirts we have in the park on Labor Day weekend, we hope to see smiling faces as you run your races, virtually.
For more information on this year’s virtual race, how to register, how to donate or how to volunteer, please reach out to Fun Run race director Stephen Kalb-Koenigsfeld at (406) 446-2820 or