Police Blotter, Oct. 05, 2017

09/26/2017 - Tuesday 11:07 Animal Complaint-Wildlife
Red Lodge area
A bear has destroyed RP’s hot tub, caller was given the number for F&G.

13:12 Traffic Control HWY 310
A tow truck is trying to get a tractor out of the ditch on a corner. Caller thinks they need traffic control. Deputy responded.

14:36 Auto Theft
Red Lodge
A man took caller’s Harley to paint and sell it for her. He now won’t return her calls or emails. Wants to report it stolen. Deputy and RL Officer spoke to caller.

14:58 Theft
Edgar area
Some metal roofing is missing from caller’s trailer. Could have been taken as far back as a year ago to now. Deputy responded.

15:13 Motor Veh. Crash,
Belfry area
Caller pulled over to let a vehicle go by and the soft bank gave way. Their vehicle went down on its side. MHP responded.

15:38 Animal/Dog Bite
Bridger Officer responded to report of a dog bite.

21:48 Motorist Assist
Vista Point HWY 212
Callers are at Vista Point and want to go to Cooke City / were told to return to RL as the rd is closed. MHP advised.

09/27/2017 - Wednesday
07:43 Traffic Complaint
Bearcreek Hill HWY 308
A small gray car passed on a double line going up the Bearcreek Hill. Deputy and RL Officer responded.

08:17 Traffic Complaint
Joliet / HWY 310
A newer Silver Chevy pickup passed caller and the school bus / almost ran both of them off the road. Deputy responded.

10:01 Hit & Run
HWY 310 / HWY 212
A car backed into caller at the stop sign at the intersection. It then continued on SB on 212. Caller is following it. Both vehicles stopped and waited for MHP in Joliet.

11:06 Warrant Check
Red Lodge
RL Officer req warrant check on male. Does have a RL City warrant.

12:01 Lost/Found Property
Gyp Spring Rd.-Petroglyph
Caller accidentally left his rock scoop at Petroglyph Canyon. One other vehicle was there and tracks suggest that they took it. RO of other vehicle notified and has it / is willing to give it to caller.

14:10 Assist Other Agency
Red Lodge
SWCSO req a search for a vehicle / suspect owner could be involved in a theft that happened last night. Deputy and RL Officer responded.

15:09 Civil Dispute
Red Lodge
Caller says he has to drive over just a corner of the neighbor’s property to park at his house. Neighbor stacked wood behind his truck during the night. RL Officer responded.

18:10 Suspicious Activity
Caller reports she found a syringe in her bathroom in a baggie. Knows a possible suspect. Deputy spoke to caller.

22:14 Noise Complaint
Someone is throwing/loading something onto a trailer. It is making a lot of noise and now the dogs in the neighborhood are barking. Deputy responded.

22:25 Suspicious Activity
HWY 421 MM 16-17
A person with a painted face wearing a green and pink jumper type suit, is walking on the highway/ appears to be intoxicated. Deputy and MHP Trooper responded.

09/28/2017 - Thursday
10:54 Larceny/Forgery/Fraud
Joliet area
Someone tried to take out a credit card in caller’s name. The bank called caller to confirm the application. The card has been declined / caller will call the MT State Fraud Hotline.

14:27 Animal Abuse/Neglect
Bridger area
Caller petted a horse by the rest area. The front hooves look like it’s been a long time since it had its hooves done. It could hardly walk. Deputy spoke with horse owner.

16:48 Scams
Red Lodge
Caller keeps getting automated calls saying they are IRS and she has a warrant.

23:13 Animal- Lost/
Found Pet
Bridger area / Althoff Rd
Caller’s orange and white male Brittany Spaniel dog / no collar / is missing.

09/29/2017 - Friday
08:40 Suspicious Activity
Silesia area
A Laurel business noticed a trailer that has their company logo on it. Is concerned why someone would do this. Deputy found the trailer belongs to a sports team / checked with caller and they do sponsor them.

09:29 Suspicious Activity
Red Lodge area
Caller brought a landline phone to the SO, req officer check it for “bugs”. reports someone was on their property last night. Checking with security company and locksmith. Deputy checked phone.

17:06 Animal Complaint-Wildlife
Red Lodge
A turkey just got hit by a car and it’s still alive. RL Officer responded / turkey was deceased on arrival.

17:08 Threats / Harassment
Red Lodge
A boy threatened some other boys at the skate park. RL Officer responded / spoke to witnesses and to suspect.

17:49 Suspicious Activity
Red Lodge
A house north of caller has been for sale. Caller has noticed the door has been left open from time to time. Req Officers to keep an eye on it.

19:12 Liquor/Tobacco
Law Violation
Red Lodge
A male bought cigarettes, left and handed them to someone in a vehicle, caller thought it suspicious/ RL officer responded but individuals goa.

20:41 Motor Veh. Crash,
East Side Rd / HWY 212
A vehicle hit a boulder / vehicle has damages/ vehicle and boulder off road.

23:15 Building Check
Deputy found a door at the school that wasn't shut all the way/ Deputy secured the building.

09/30/2017 - Saturday
10:39 Threats / Harassment
Red Lodge
Caller reports being stalked, harassed, and threatened by a male / RL Officer advised.

11:35 Animal Complaint-Wildlife
Joliet area
Caller had another raccoon in their back pasture that was acting funny, snarling and losing its hair. Caller told deputy that they shot it in the head. Nothing left to test.

16:00 Suicide Attempt/Threat
Female making suicide threats/ Bridger officer and deputy resp.

16:19 Traffic Hazard
Joliet Fromberg Rd
A trailer hauling a house lost a tire and is in the middle of the road.

17:00 Motor Vehicle Crash
Red Lodge Creek Rd
Vehicle roll over crash/both males got out/damages to vehicle/ vehicle was leaking fluids. MHP / Deputies / EMS/Fire responded.

19:15 Welfare Check
Red Lodge area campsite
Caller reports her adult son took off without his medications. Deputies resp.

19:30 Animal
Red Lodge
A cow moose and 2 babies are by Zip Trip / people are stopping on the road / walking too close to get pictures/ RL officer responded

21:37 Suspicious Activity
Fromberg area
Caller reports a bonfire with possible underage party going on. Deputy resp.

10/01/2017 - Sunday
01:21 Noise Complaint
Red Lodge
For the past few hours the neighbor’s TV has been so loud caller can’t sleep. RL officer responded and got the noise down.

01:38 Vandalism
Caller reported the earlier underage partying / now that same group of kids are on his property / tearing up his driveway pealing out deputies responded and shut it down.

01:46 Traffic Stop
MM 67.5 HWY 212
Driver brought in on suspicion of DUI.

02:40 Traffic Stop
Red Lodge – Broadway Ave N
Driver brought in on suspicion of DUI.
03:35 Disturbance Red Lodge
Caller req. officer resp and remove 3 intoxicated males, one causing a disturbance. RL officer spoke to caller.

08:21 Animal- Lost/Found Pet
Red Lodge / Golf Course
A bear got into caller’s garbage last night. While caller was cleaning it up her dog got out. F German Shepherd / Boxer mix / name is Baby Girl and is wearing a green and orange camo collar.

11:44 Parking
Red Lodge - Old Kentucky Apartments
A blue super duty truck is parked blocking the driveway to the back-parking lot, no one can get out / RL Officer responded

12:33 Animal Abuse/Neglect Red Lodge
Caller reports a puppy being left on a leash chained up to a tree outside with no water / RL officer responded. It has food and water / doesn’t show signs of abuse.

14:11 Animal Abuse/Neglect N of Fromberg - HWY 310
Corgi and Husky dogs in a yard appear to be neglected / deputy responded/ dogs had food, water and shelter, they are fine

20:09 Suspicious Activity
A male wearing a back pack with a dog went into the bus barn / deputies responded and found the male.

10/02/2017 - Monday
03:09 Burglary
Joliet area
Caller reporting a break-in to their home, the alarm went off/husband is out looking for suspect. Deputy responded.

06:56 Welfare Check
Red Lodge / N Broadway
A male is stumbling around and looks to be very intoxicated. He is heading south. RL officer responded.

08:52 Animal Complaint-Wildlife
Bridger area / HWY 310
A fawn got tangled up in a fence and needs to be dispatched. Deputy responded.

09:33 Motor Veh. Crash,
Bridger area / HWY 310
A truck pulling a mobile home jack-knifed into the ditch / damaged a guardrail / is leaking fuel / no injury. Deputy, MHP / Bridger Fire responded. DES notified.

12:14 Hit & Run
A vehicle crashed into the bank building on the north side over the weekend. Deputy responded.

22:10 Suspicious Activity
Roberts area
Caller reports a male in a white Ford pickup stopped them / asked if they were lost. Caller said no and went around him. The male turned around and started closely following them. Deputies resp. / white pickup located.



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